Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
400m run
5x muscle-up
20x wall ball @ 20/14-lbs., 10-ft. target

as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
400m run
10x *pull*
40x squat

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | June 12, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    Christine S.: 3 rounds + 250m run (sub: 3/5x muscle-up)
    Ralph A.: 5 rounds + 1′ plank (sub: 1′ plank hold, strict pull-up, pushup)
    CJ D.: 5 rounds + 13x pushup (sub: 1′ plank hold, strict pull-up, pushup)
    Samuel B.: 4 rounds + 300m run (14-lbs.; sub: 3/5x strict pull-up)
    Paul S.: 4 rounds + 300m run (14-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch strict pulll-up, blue)
    Kevin K.: 5 rounds (sub: jump-to-pull-up)
    Rob C.: 4 rounds (sub: 3/5x muscle-up)
    Julia G.: 4 rounds + 400m run (10-lbs.; sub: 2/5x strict pull-up)
    Katie R.: 4 rounds + 100m run (sub: 3/5x strict pull-up)
    Shawn C.: 4 rounds + 50m run (14-lbs.; sub: 3/5x strict pull-up)
    Jon H.: 4 rounds + 2x muscle-up (sub: 1′ plank hold, pushup)
    Tara S.: 4 rounds + 50m run (sub: 2/5x jumping muscle-up)
    Davie G.: 4 rounds + 400m run (14-lbs.; sub: strict pull-up)
    Alex M.: 4 roounds, 7x muscle-up (sub: 1-2x muscle-up/round)
    Anna G.: 3 rounds + 16x wall ball (10-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, green)
    Tracey S.: 3 rounds + 5x squat jump (10-lbs.; sub: strict bodyrow, mb squat jump)
    Hari P.: 4 rounds + 400m run (sub: row, 3/5x jumping pull-up)
    Tanner L.: 4 rounds + 3x pull-up (10-lbs.; sub: 3/5x jump-stretch strict pull-up, green)
    Joe T.: 5 rounds
    Dave K.: 4 rounds
    Drew P.: 4 rounds + 15x wall ball
    Devon H.: 4 rounds + 7x wall ball (sub: strict ring dip)
    James H.: 4 rounds + 200m run
    Dave B.: 4 rounds + 25m run (sub: 2/5x jumping muscle-up)
    Matthew W.: 5 rounds + 50m run
    Shawn J.: 4 rounds + 25m run (sub: strict pull-up)
    Ralph B.: 4 rounds + 2x wall ball (sub: 3/5x muscle-up)
    Alissa G.: 3 rounds + 400m run (sub: 3/5x muscle-up)
    Josh M.: 4 rounds + 200m run
    Patrick P.: 4 rounds + 200m run (sub: pull-up)
    David S.: 5 rounds + 20m run
    Sean F.: 5 rounds + 200m run
    Dave R.: 4 rounds + 300m run
    Mark Co.: 4 rounds + 300m run (sub: 3/5x muscle-up)
    Brian K.: 4 rounds + 40m run (sub: 3/5x muscle-up)
    John G.: 3 rounds + 300m run (sub: 2/1 muscle-up, 5x strict pull-up)
    Cristian D.: 3 rounds + 10x wall ball (sub: strict pull-up)
    Buffy M.: 4 rounds + 26m run (sub: row, jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue, wall ball push press)
    Ida N.: 5 rounds + 49″ plank (sub: 1′ plank hold, jump-stretch strict pull-up, green, sit-up + throw)
    4 rounds + 50m run (sub: 3/5x strict pull-up)
    Francisco L.: 4 rounds (sub: ctb strict pull-up)


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