Friday, September 18, 2015

CrossFit MPH – WOD


Kit H.: 30/50x double under Jason J.)
John P.: 34/80x double under (sub: 4x strict pull-up/round) Ralph A.)
Emmy A.: 0/13x double under (sub: 4x partner-assisted jump to pull-up/round, 5 + 1x du/round) Kevin K.)
Christine S.: 35/60x double under Blaine P.)
up Sara R.: 59/60x double under (sub: 4x pull-up/round) Paul S.)
Jon H.: 14/14x ctb pull-up Tanner L.)
Matt A.: 5/12x double under (sub: 4x strict pull-up/round, 5 + 1x du/round) Devon H.)
Rebekka E.: 1/16x strict bodyrow (sub: strict bodyrow) Dave B.)
Patrick P.: 15/15x double under + 1x pull-up (sub: 5x strict pull-up/round, 5 + 2x du/round) Sherry G.)
Meredith B.: 50/50x double under (sub: strict bodyrow, single under) Shawn J.)
Alli P.: 13/50x double under (sub: 3x jump to pull-up/round, 5 + 5x du/round) Andrea M.)
Chris C.: 1/16x ctb pull-up Alissa G.)
up JP S.: 10/110x single under (sub: 4x jump to pull-up/round, single under) Eduardo S.)
Alana L.: 40/40x double under + 2/3x jump to pull-up (sub: 3x pull-up/jump to pull-up, 5 + 5x du/round) Roselena R.)
Jason O.: 35/35x double under + 3/5x pull-up (sub: 5x strict pull-up, 5 + 5x du/round) Michael H.)
Bill M.: 47/90x single under (sub: 5x pull-up/round, single under) John L.)
Buffy M.: 9/23x sit-up (sub: 4x jump to pull-up/round, 5x strict sit-up + 2/round) Lisa C.)
Dave R.: 4/18x ctb pull-up James H.)
70x double under Dave K.: 46/70x double under David S.)
up Steve M.: 8/30x double under (sub: 5 + 5x du/round) Emma K.)
Rob K.: 5/16x ctb pull-up Mark Co.)
Zaid A.: 15/15x double under + 3/3x pull-up (sub: 3x jump to pull-up/round, 5 + 2x du/round) Holmes H.)