Thursday, December 10, 2015

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  1. MPH | December 11, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    Chris H.: 195-lbs., 12:24
    David S.: 145-lbs., 12:00
    Michael H.: 145-lbs., 13:01 (80-lbs.)
    Sarah M.: 10:16 (35-lb. db; sub: max vertical jump to target, single-arm thruster)
    Rebekka E.: 30-lb. db, 13:08 (35-lb. db; sub: singel-arm shoulder press, 5/7x single-arm power clean /side, 5/7x single-arm front squat/side)
    Jen F.: 70-lbs., 11:44 (35-lbs.; sub: 5/7x each each exercise)
    Alana L.: 105-lbs., 13:52 (sub: power clean + front squat, front squat)
    Borja G.: 150-lbs., 14:38
    Kevin K.: 135-lbs., 13:37 (75-lbs.)
    Alex M.: 115-lbs., 9:18 (85-lbs.; sub: power clean + push press, push press, squat + lateral jump)
    Michael Ha.: 105-lbs., 13:47 (65-lbs.)
    Neil A.: 85-lbs., 12:09 (75-lbs.; sub: deadlift + push press, deadlift)
    Katie R.: 85-lbs., 13:03 (45-lbs.)
    Jon M.: 85-lbs., 13:45 (55-lbs.)
    Jamie L.: 165-lbs., 12:53
    Amy S.: 115-lbs., 9:36
    Eduardo S.: 95-lbs., 12:12 (65-lbs.; sub: push press)
    Alissa G.: 125-lbs., 9:15
    Ralph B.: 135-lbs., 13:53 (85-lbs.)
    Alli P.: 85-lbs., 11:46 (55-lbs.)
    Bill M.: 85-lbs., 13:11 (45-lbs.)
    Drew P.: 175-lbs., 12:02
    Buffy M.: 60-lbs., 16:05 (45-lbs.)
    Jason O.: 145-lbs., 10:59 (75-lbs.)
    Dave K.: 145-lbs., 12:12 (85-lbs.)
    Joe P.: 165-lbs., 12:54
    James F.: 105-lbs., 14:19 (55-lbs.)
    Joe L.: 95-lbs., 15:05 (55-lbs.)
    Sean F.: 95-lbs., 11:33 (sub: power clean + front squat, front squat, lateral burpee + step-over)
    Brett B.: 130-lbs., 13:35 (75-lbs.)
    Cassandra S.: 100-lbs., 12:01 (55-lbs.)
    Candida M.: 80-lbs., 12:53 (50-lbs.)
    Josh B.: 105-lbs., 14:00 (55-lbs.)
    John P.: 160-lbs., 11:54
    Mark Co.: 165-lbs., 15:47
    Ben A.: 150-lbs., 14:54 (85-lbs.)
    Stephen K.: 150-lbs., 15:23 (75-lbs.)
    Zaid A.: 115-lbs., 15:32 (65-lbs.)
    Nick C.: 105-lbs., 14:39
    Melody F.: 8:37


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