Monday, March 28, 2016

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  1. MPH | March 28, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    “Slip ‘N Slide”: 9 rounds + 200m run
    Charles B.
    Neil A.

    “Soggy Doggies”: 9 rounds + 200m run
    Sara R.
    Kevin K.

    “Cat Ladies”: 8 rounds + 200m run
    Emmy A.
    Katie R.
    Cassie S.

    “Mouth Breathers”: 10 rounds + 200m run
    Blaine P.
    Hari P.

    “Batman v. Superman v. Wonder Woman”: 10 rounds + 200m run
    JP S.
    Alli P.: (sub: row)
    Tanner L.: (sub: row)

    “Catch Me If You Can”: 8 rounds + 200m run
    Buffy M.
    Lisa C.

    “Gym, Tan, ?”: 10 rounds + 200m run
    Joe L.
    Will O.

    “SHANIA”: 10 rounds + 50m run
    Alissa G.
    Ralph B.

    “Pinky Pies”: 9 rounds + 300m run
    Alana L.
    Christine S.

    “Double D’s”: 10 rounds + 200m run
    Dave R.
    Donal O.

    “Monday Morning Coming Down”: 9 rounds + 50m run
    Brian T.
    Kevin K.

    “Team Master of Puppets”: 11 rounds
    David S.
    Chris C.

    “Gear 2.0”: 9 rounds + 350m run
    Alejandro G.
    Rebekka E.

    “Traveler Bees”: 9 rounds
    Sherry G.
    Anna G.

    “Team Noir”: 10 rounds
    James H.
    David G.

    “Last Place”: 8 rounds + 250m run
    Mark Co.
    Nick C.

    “Team Murphy”: 9 rounds + 200m
    Patrick J.
    Leo T.

    “Ladies’ Night”: 10 rounds
    Tara S.
    Adrienne V.

    “Black and Blue”: 8 rounds + 350m run
    Seth B.
    Krishnan S.

    “3’s A Company”: 8 rounds + 250m run
    Amy S.
    Walt C.
    James W. (stopped at 15′)

    “We Won In Our Hearts”: 10 rounds + 375m run
    Devon H.
    Luke B.


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