Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

for time:
30x deficit pushup, 3″ deficit
200m run
15x weighted ring dip @ 20/10-lbs.
200m run
20x deficit pushup
200m run
10x weighted ring dip
200m run
10x deficit pushup
200m run
5x weighted ring dip

for time:
60x pushup
200m run
15x bench dip
200m run
40x pushup
200m run
10x bench dip
200m run
20x pushup
200m run
10x bench dip

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | April 11, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    David G.: 16:05 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Steve M.: 14:18 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Alissa G.: 14:45 (sub: ring dip)
    Drew P.: 12:18
    Ralph B.: 12:23
    JP S.: 19:14 (sub: pushup, 1/2x static dip)
    Alli P.: 16:33 (sub: pushup, 1/2x static dip)
    Matthew W.: 11:44
    Sean F.: 13:18
    Melody F.: 13:21 (sub: pushup, strict ring dip)
    Aaron R.: 14:31 (sub: ring dip)
    Buffy M.: 16:20 (sub: 2/3x pushup, 1/2x foot-assisted static dip)
    Bill M.: 15:50 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Kevin M.: 16:46 (sub: 1/2x static dip)
    Dave R.: 14:10 (sub: pushup, row, ring dip)
    Neil A.: 17:55 (sub: 1/2x foot-assisted ring dip, no 200/10/200/5)
    Jon H.: 17:22
    Borja G.: 19:29
    Katie R.: 15:29 (sub: pushup, 1/2x static dip, no 10/200/5)
    Charles B.: 18:26 (sub: pushup, static dip, no 10/200/5)
    Donal O.: 15:16 (sub: ring dip)
    Ralph A.: 17:25 (sub; 1/2x ring dip, no 10/200/5)
    Kevin K.: 20:04 (sub: 2/3x ring dip)
    Jin D.: 19:02 (sub: 1/2x incline pushup, foot-assisted static dip)
    Anna G.: 16:57 (sub: 2/3x incline pushup, foot-assisted static dip)
    Aaron M.: 12:09 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Brad G.: 12:55 (sub: 2/3x ring dip)
    Amy S.: 19:33 (sub: static dip)
    Rebekka E.: 17:30 (sub: pushup, 2/3x ring dip)
    Brian T.: 15:10 (sub: ring dip)
    David S.: 11:17
    Zaid A.: 17:59 (sub: 1/2x deficit pushup, 2/3x static dip)
    Alejandro G.: 17:15 (sub: static dip)
    Luke B.: (sub: static dip)
    Jason Ca.: 13:31 (sub: deficit pushup/pushup, static dip)
    Michael H.: 13:25
    Devon H.: 14:30 (sub: ring dip)
    Josh B.: 14:38 (sub: 2/3x deficit pushup, 2/3x static dip)
    Chris T.: 15:31 (10-lbs.)
    Josh M.: 16:18
    Luke B.: 15:53 (sub: 2/3x deficit pushup, 2/3x static dip)
    Sean Mc.: 16:16 (sub: ring dip)
    Bill G.: 13:42
    Al C.: 15:00
    Patrick J.: 16:36 (sub: static dip)
    Mark Co.: 14:46
    Janer R.: 15:05 (sub: 2/3x ring dip)
    Jonathan M.: 16:20 (sub: static dip)
    Sara R.: 17:46 (sub: pushup, 2/3x static dip)
    Blaine P.: 13:42
    Nick C.: 17:48 (10-lbs.)
    Krishnan S.: 17:45 (sub: static dip)
    Brian M.: 14:32 (sub: 2/3x ring dip)
    Seth B.: 13:15 (sub: pushup, strict bodyrow)
    Adrienne V.: 17:08 (sub: 1/2x pushup, true bench dip)


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