Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Event #1: Squat It”
With a continuously running clock, establish a three rep max front squat* in nine minutes.

*The bar is pulled from the ground.

Event #2: “Jump It”
as many rounds as possible in six minutes:
8x hang power clean @ 115/75-lbs.
8x box jump, 24/20″ platform

Event #3: “Sync It”
in teams of 2-3, for time:
50x wall ball @ 20/14-lbs., 10-ft. target
45x synchro burpee
400m synchro run
35x pull-up
30x shoulder-to-overhead @ 145/100-lbs.
35x pull-up
400m synchro run
45x synchro burpee
50x wall ball

2016 Showdown Workout 1
2016 Showdown Workout 2
2016 Showdown Workout 3
2016 Showdown Final Results
Showdown Scoring Explanation

as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:
8x burpee
8x squat jump

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | May 14, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    –Workout #1: Squat It!–
    Borja G.: (sub: power clean, 3RM)
    James H.: (sub: muscle-up, 3RM)
    Samuel B.: (sub: 5x single-arm squat clean, 7 rounds)

    –Workout #2: Jump It!–
    Steve M.: (75-lbs.)
    Bill M.: (75-lbs.)
    Charles B.: (75-lbs.)
    Shane B.: (95-lbs.)
    James H.: (75-lbs.; sub: muscle-up, pushup)
    Zaid A.: (95-lbs.)
    Jim D.: (95-lbs.)
    Walt C.: (95-lbs.)
    Cassandra S.
    Patrick J.: (75-lbs.)
    Adrienne V.: (55-lbs.)
    Mary Ellen M.: (55-lbs.; sub: step-up)
    Sean Mc.: (75-lbs.)
    Kyle T.: (85-lbs.)
    Seth B.: (85-lbs.)
    Krishnan S.: (85-lbs.)
    Josh B.: (85-lbs.)
    JP S.: (95-lbs.)
    Samuel B.: (sub: strict sit-up)
    Alli P.: (65-lbs.)
    Buffy M.: (45-lbs.)
    Jon H.: (95-lbs.)

    –Workout #3: Sync It!–
    Tradecraft: 18:47
    Chris C.
    David S.

    M2: 46/50x wall ball, set 2
    Mark Co.
    Michael H.

    N’Sync: 25/45x wall ball, set 2
    Chris T.: (115-lbs.)
    John L.: (115-lbs.)

    Burpeelicious: 0/50x wall ball, set 2
    Aaron M.: (115-lbs.)
    Hari P.: (115-lbs.)

    S and Z: 14/45x burpee, set 2
    Zaid A.: (95-lbs.)
    Shane B.: (95-lbs.)

    Josh + Walt: 43/45x burpee, set 2
    Josh B.: (85-lbs.)
    Walt C.: (85-lbs.)

    Team Frosty: 21:45
    Melody F.
    Cassie S.: (sub: jump-to-pull-up)

    Team Burpee: 2/45x burpee, set 2
    Adrienne V.: (65-lbs., 10-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Mary Ellen M.: (20-lb. dbs, 10-lbs., 9-ft.; sub: jumping pull-up)

    Alley Cats: 25/45x burpee, set 2
    Alana L.
    Katie C.: (20-lb. dbs, 10-lbs., 9-ft.; sub: jump-to-pull-up)

    Prairie Dutch: 0/50x wall ball, set 2
    Ross B.: (85-lbs.)
    Patrick J.: (85-lbs.)

    Oh, the fucking team name?!: 24/45x burpee, set 2
    Steve M.: (75-lbs.)
    Bill M.: (75-lbs.)

    Three Amigos: 10/50x wall ball, set 2
    Seth B.: (25-lb.dbs, 14-lbs.; sub: jump-to-pull-up)
    Charles B.: (25-lb. dbs, 14-lbs.)
    James H.: (25-lb. dbs, 10-lbs.; sub: arms only wall ball, pushup, plank hold)

    Slow, but Steady: 22/50x wall ball, set 2
    Bill G.
    Chris H.

    Sean + Kyle: 43/45x burpee, set 2
    Sean Mc.: (75-lbs., 14-lbs.)
    Kyle T.: (75-lbs., 14-lbs.)

    Black and Blue: 32.45x burpee, set 2
    Krishnan S.: (75-lbs.)
    Jim D.: (75-lbs.)

    OG’s: 19:35
    Drew P.
    Dave R.

    Make America Great Again!: 20:27
    Borja G.: (115-lbs.)
    Michael F.: (115-lbs.)

    Joda: 15/50x wall ball, set 2
    Joe P.
    David O.

    Blondies: 18/50x wall ball, set 2
    Amy S.
    Tori L.

    Tanks So Hard: 32/50x wall ball, set 2
    Ralph B.
    Blaine P.

    Old School Smurfs: 12/50x wall ball, set 2
    Rebekka E.
    Christine S.

    Sara/Katie/Katie/Sara: 13/45x burpee, set 2
    Katie R.
    Sara R.

    Buffy, the Alli Slayer: 22/45x burpee, set 2
    Alli P.: (75-lbs., 10-lbs.)
    Buffy M.: (75-lbs., 10-lbs.)

    B+ Team: 18/50x wall ball, set 2
    Dave K.: (115-lbs.)
    Neil A.: (115-lbs.)

    Detroit Capitol City: 21:57
    Josh M.
    JJ M.

    JJ Jerks: 8/45x burpee
    JP S.: (115-lbs.)
    Jon H.: (115-lbs.)

    Rise and Grind: 37/45x burpee, set 2
    Sara R.
    Tara S.


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