Wednesday, June 8, 2016


  1. MPH | June 9, 2016 at 11:47 am


    “Pink Power”: 34:29 (5 rounds)
    Borja G.: Rx
    Christine S.: Rx

    “Harried Hari”: 35:38 (5 rounds)
    Neil A.: Rx
    Hari P.: Rx

    “The Twins”: 35:26 (5 rounds)
    Dan K.: (14-lbs.; sub: 3-4/5x mb squat jump)
    David O.:

    “Team Ecuador”: 36:17
    Dave R.:
    Juan S.:

    “Team Squishy Box”: 32:30 (5 rounds)
    Brad W.: (14-lbs., 9-ft.; sub: 3/5x wall ball)
    Bill M.: (14-lbs., 9-ft; sub: 4/5x wall ball)

    “CS Pride”: 33:45 (5 rounds)
    Christine K.: (9-ft)
    Samuel B.: (14-lbs.)

    “Team Blues”: 33:55 (5 rounds)
    Joe L.: (sub: mb squat jump)
    Donal O.: Rx

    “Special Guest”: 35:58 (5 rounds)
    Katie R.: Rx
    Sara R.: Rx
    Andrea F.: (10-lbs.; sub: mb squat, step-up, 18″)

    “The Finishers”: 35:33
    Matthew W.: Rx
    Drew P.: Rx

    “Terrible Two’s”: 41:04 (5 rounds)
    Miranda B.: (10-lbs, 9-ft.; sub: row, mb push press)
    David G.: Rx

    “No Wall Ball Transitions”: 39:04 (5 rounds)
    Alex Z.: Rx
    Rebekka E.: Rx

    “Colorico”: 37:52 (5 rounds)
    David A.: Rx
    JP S.: Rx

    “MPH OG’s”: 36:15 (5 rounds)
    Mark Co.: Rx
    Bill G.: (sub: 30″ air bike, step-up, single-leg squat)

    “S & J”: 34:30 (4 rounds)
    Janer R.: (10-lbs.; sub: arms + torso rowing, strict sit-up, arms only wall ball)
    Scot F.: 34:30 (14-lbs., 20″)

    “The Trio”: 36:07 (5 rounds)
    Stephen K.: (14-lbs.)
    Rob M.: (14-lbs.)
    Patrick J.: (14-lbs.)

    “Sedampson”: 40:20 (5 rounds)
    Amy S.: Rx
    Tara S.: Rx

    “Cassy and Curry”: 38:30 (5 rounds)
    Cassandra S.: Rx
    Jason C.: (14-lbs.)

    “Black and Blue”: 36:08
    John P.: Rx
    Chris C.: Rx

    “Bosh”: 32:34 (5 rounds)
    Josh M.: Rx
    Ben A.: Rx

    “Male Chimp”: 35:45 (5 rounds)
    Seth B.: (14-lbs., 20″)
    Sean Mc.: (10-lbs., 20″; sub: arms only wall ball)

    “Gurrls”: 37:42 (5 rounds)
    Adrienne V.: (10-lbs., 9-ft. 20″)
    Colette C.: (10-lbs., 9-ft., 20″)
    Candida M.: (10-lbs., 9-ft., 20″)

    “WOD The Fuck Are You Looking At?”: 34:16 (5 rounds)
    Alissa G.: Rx
    Devon H.: Rx

    “Old School 7p”: 34:56
    David S.: Rx
    Sean F.: Rx

    “Jamesuardo”: 32:53 (5 rounds)
    Eduardo S.: Rx
    James H.: (10-lbs.; sub: row, box jump, 11″, wall ball push press)

    “3 is better than 2″: 35:42 (4 rounds)
    Shawn J.: (14-lbs.)
    Ron S.: (14-lbs.)
    Mary Ellen M.: (10-lbs., 9-ft., 20”)

    • MPH | June 9, 2016 at 11:47 am

      Notes for today:
      –Into the 6th round by the 0:32


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