Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016

In teams of two, 20 one-minute rounds, alternating partners every other minute: max thruster @ 135/95-lbs.

At the top of each minute, both partners must each complete 5x burpee, before one moves to the thruster bar. The other partner rests for the remainder of the minute.

This workout is scored by the total thrusters completed by both partners across all 20 rounds.

as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
5x burpee
15x lunge jump
—1 minute rest—

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | September 17, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    “Team Jason”: 107
    Jason O.: (115-lbs.)
    Mark Co.: (115-lbs.)

    “B Squad”: 185
    Ben A.: (85-lbs.)
    Brian K.: (85-lbs.; sub: back squat)

    “Sizzling Fajitas”: 137
    Sean Mc.: (75-lbs.)
    Patrick J.: (75-lbs.)

    “Brooklyn Bitches”: 103
    Laura C.: (35-lbs.)
    Dori S.: (45-lbs.)

    “Sweaty Bitches”: 110
    Lena M.: (45-lbs.)
    Jo C.: (45-lbs.)

    “Scotete”: 80+
    Scot Fo.: (65-lbs.)
    Collette C.: (35-lbs.)

    “Yes We Cain”: 124
    John L.: (75-lbs.; sub: push press)
    Walt C.: (75-lbs.)

    “Sneaky Last Round”: 104
    JP S.: (75-lbs.; through minute 10)
    Hari P.: (75-lbs.)

    “No Oxygen At Altitude”: 114
    Jamie T.: (65-lbs.)
    Mark Ab.: (75-lbs.)

    “Kentucky”: 120
    Charles B.: (45-lbs.)
    Kirby F.: (105-lbs.)

    “Fuck Kalsu”: 102
    Sean F.: (115-lbs.)
    Alana L.: (65-lbs.)

    “GKBK”: 151
    Greg K.: (55-lbs.)
    Rebekka E.: (65-lbs.; sub: front squat)

    “Broken”: 162
    Drew P.: (sub: front squat, from rack)
    Brian C.: (sub: back squat, from rack)

    “Hercstieners”: 131
    Jon H.: (80-lbs.)
    Christine S. (80-lbs.)

    “Las Fronteras”: 114
    Michael F.: (75-lbs.)
    Donal O.: (95-lbs.)

    “Is It Over?”: 85
    Kate H.: (55-lbs.)
    Anna G.: (55-lbs.)

    “Ouch My Burpees”: 155
    Amelia F.: (45-lbs.)
    Edgar O.: (45-lbs.)

    “Frias Is Too Slow”: 217
    Dave R.: Rx
    Borka G.: (sub: deadlift)

    “Barbells For Breakfast”: 165
    Jim D.: (55-lbs.; sub: 3/5x burpee)
    Miranda B.: (35-lbs.; sub; 3/5x burpee)
    Elizabeth L.: (35-lbs.; sub: 3/5x burpee, front squat/thruster)

    “ABC”: 147
    Elise C.: (55-lbs.)
    Adrienne V.: (45-lbs.)

    “Pumpkin Spice”: 155
    Francisco L.: (65-lbs.)
    Dave K.: (65-lbs.)

    “Team Luis”: 124
    Seth B.: (45-lbs.)
    Luis D.: (45-lbs.)

    “Jolean”: 145
    Joe P.: (115-lbs.)
    Ralph B.: (95-lbs.)

    “The Hoyas”: 140
    Amy S.: (80-lbs.)
    David S.: (115-lbs.)


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