Saturday, September 24, 2016

CrossFit MPH – WOD


"Frias Is Slow & Weak": 6 rounds + 9x back squat
Dave R.: Rx
Borja G.: Rx

"Mickey D's": 6 rounds + 35x reps
Michael F.: (155-lbs.; sub: deadlift)
Donal O.: Rx

"The Squatters": 5 rounds + 400m
Brad G.: (95-lbs.)
Cassies S.: (95-lbs.)

"Shuttle To The Moon": 5 rounds + 350m
Kate H.: (65-lbs.)
Anna G.: (65-lbs.)

"Pippi Longstockings": 7 rounds + 200m
Neil A.: (155-lbs.; sub: deadlift)
Alex M.: (155-lbs.; sub: deadlift)

"Old Guard": 6 rounds + 200m
Mark Co.: Rx
Bill G.: Rx

"Team 518": 5 rounds + 18x back squat
Joe T.: Rx
Jason O.: Rx

"MJ": 6 rounds + 17x back squat
Michael H.: (115-lbs.)
Josh M.: (115-lbs.)

"Red, White and Green": 6 rounds + 300m
Francisco L.: (95-lbs.)
Eva C.: (65-lbs.)

"Team Rot": 6 rounds + 100m
Scot Fo.: (95-lbs.)
Ross B.: (95-lbs.)

"Team Mass": 7 rounds + 26x back squat
Chris C.: Rx (from rack)
Joe P.: Rx

"Namaste Bitches": 7 rounds
Patrick J.: (85-lbs.)
Brian K.: (85-lbs.)

"We Lift More Than We Make": 7 rounds
Jo C.: (55-lbs.)
Lisa L.: (55-lbs.)

"Quadzillas": 6 rounds + 200m
Alana L.: (85-lbs.)
Nancy B.: (85-lbs.)

"Mavens": 6 rounds + 400m
Elise C.: (20-lb. dbs; sub: 20x sit-up/run, seated shoulder press)

"34/40": 7 rounds + 200m
Chris H.: Rx
Ralph B.: (115-lbs.)

"Kings": 6 rounds + 200m
Carl L.: (75-lbs.; sub: front squat)
Charles B.: (75-lbs.)

"Team Touched": 8 rounds + 300m
Drew P.: (115-lbs., from rack)
Sean F.: (155-lbs.; sub: deadlift)

"Team Polka Dots": 5 rounds + 400m
Adrienne V.: (75-lbs.)
Rebekka E.: (75-lbs.; sub: front squat)

"The Terriers": 6 rounds
James H.: (95-lbs.)
John L.: (95-lbs.)

"Kitty Cats": 5 rounds + 100m
Edgar O.: (65-lbs.)
Greg K.: (65-lbs.; sub: back squat/push press)

"Tight Hips, Loose Lips": 6 rounds + 35x back squat
Hari P.: (115-lbs.)
Dave K.: (115-lbs.)

"Squat It Like It's Hot": 6 rounds + 400m
Mark Co.: (115-lbs.)
Jamie T.: (115-lbs.)