Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016

five rounds for time:
30x wall ball @ 20/14-lbs.
5x snatch
–2′ rest–

This workout is scored by the total time from all five rounds, as well as the load used on the snatch.

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five rounds for time:
30x squat
15x vertical jump, 12″ above max standing reach
–2′ rest–

This workout is scored by the total time from all five rounds.

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  1. MPH | November 3, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    Borja G.: 21:58 (115-lbs.)
    Adrienne V.: 26:35 (9-ft., 40-lbs.)
    Jo C.: 17:20 (105-lbs.; sub: mb squat, snatch-grip deadlift)
    Anna G.: 22:29 (9-ft., 35-lbs.)
    Blaine P.: 26:04 (95-lbs.)
    Kate H.: 24:16 (9-ft., 60-lbs.)
    Neil A.: 23:41 (115-lbs.; sub: power snatch)
    Andrew Z.: 22:33 (95-lbs.)
    Sherry G.: 21:58 (10-lb. wb, 9-ft., 40-lbs.; sub: 2/3x wall ball)
    Sean F.: 22:53 (95-lbs.)
    Cassandra S.: 22:47 (9-ft., 55-lbs.)
    Elise C.: 17:55 (10-lbs., 8-ft., 115-lbs.; sub: arms-only wall ball, deadlift)
    Joe T.: 19:18 (80-lbs.)
    JP S.: 19:08 (14-lbs., 75-lbs.)
    Greg K.: 19:54 (14-lbs., 60-lbs.)
    Joe P.: 20:34 (125-lbs.)
    Mali P.: 19:34 (10-lbs., 9-ft., 35-lbs.)
    Alex Z.: 19:56 (115-lbs.)
    Dean M/: 18:05 (135-lbs.; sub: snatch-grip deadlift)
    Matthew W.: 11:10 (135-lbs., 3 rounds)
    Aaron M.: 18:48 (65-lbs.; sub: power snatch, round 4, 4 rounds)
    Dave R.: 19:56 (145-lbs.)
    Buffy M.: 20:22 (10-lbs., 9-ft., 35-lbs.; sub: 2/3x wall ball)
    Christine K.: 20:34 (9-ft., 35-lbs.)
    Jeff C.: 20:50 (14-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: 2/3x wall ball)
    Cristian D.: 22:34 (14-lbs., 45-lbs.)
    Chris H.: 20:51 (155-lbs.)
    Dave S.: 19:46 (105-lbs.)
    James H.: 23:10 (95-lbs.)
    James W.: 21:38 (14-lbs., 55-lbs.; sub: 2/3x wall ball/wall ball push press)
    Alejandro G.: 21:50 (55-lbs.)
    Ben A.: 21:22 (sub: 33.5″ box jump for snatch)
    Holmes H.: 23:44 (9.5′, 55-lbs.)
    Bill M.: 22:09 (14-lbs., 9.5′, 55-lbs.)
    Josh M.: 23:45 (110-lbs.)
    Brian K.: 26:23 (95-lbs.)
    Sean Mc.: 22:17 (85-lbs.)
    Josh B.: 19:52 (75-lbs.)
    Elizabeth L.: 23:03 (10-lbs., 9-ft., 45-lbs.)
    Diana D.: 18:08 (50-lbs., 10-lbs., 9-ft; sub: 2/3x wall ball, clean)
    Sara R.: 27:02 (75-lbs.)
    Amy S.: 24:18 (80-lbs.)
    Melody F.: 21:09 (105-lbs.)
    Michael N.: 23:18 (95-lbs.)
    Mark Co.: 21:06 (95-lbs.)
    Mark Ab.: 22:18 (95-lbs.)
    Jarod F.: 25:12 (95-lbs.)
    Patrick J.: 24:06 (85-lbs.; 15-3 final round)
    Rob M.: 24:50 (85-lbs.; 15-3 final round)
    Kat S.: 19:56 (10-lbs., 9-ft., 45-lbs.)
    Carl L.: 23:57 (45-lbs.)
    Jin D.: 22:44 (10-lbs., 8-ft., 40-lbs.)
    Brian M.: 24:14 (75-lbs.)
    Bill G.: 21:40 (95-lbs.)
    Chris T.: 21:41 (75-lbs.)
    Edgar O.: 22:22 (75-lbs.; 4 rounds)
    Ross B.: 24:49 (85-lbs.)


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