Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

front squat

Compare results to July 22, 2016.

then, four rounds, as many repetitions as possible:
1′ max back squat @ 135/95-bs.
–30″ rest–
1′ max lateral burpee
–30″ rest–
four rounds, as many repetitions as possible:
1′ max single-leg squat (alternating, total)
–30″ rest–
1′ max lateral burpee
–30″ rest–
Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | January 5, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    Patrick J.: 145-155-165-lbs., 125 (105-lbs.)
    Jonathan M.: 135-145-145-lbs., 98 (55-lbs.)
    Amelia F.: 135-135-125-lbs., 116 (75-lbs.)
    Brian M.: 105-115-125-lbs., 126 (75-lbs.)
    Kat S.: 110-120-120-lbs., 104 (65-lbs.)
    Lilly S.: 95-95-95-lbs., 94 (55-lbs.)
    Hari K.: 95-105-115-lbs., 87 (55-lbs.)
    Diana G.: 60-65-75-lbs., 140 (25-lbs.; sub: front squat, part two)
    Mark Co.: 185-205-215-lbs., 117
    John P.: 175-185-185-lbs., 122
    Michael Fo.: 1551-65-175-lbs., 97 (75-lbs.)
    Francisco L.: 155-165-165-lbs., 121 (75-lbs.)
    Sean Mc.: 155-175-185-lbs., 141 (95-lbs.)
    Edgar O.: 1551-75-185-lbs., 102 (75-lbs.)
    Carl L.: 155-175-175-lbs., 112 (75-lbs.)
    Seth B.: 155-175-185-lbs., 100 (75-lbs.)
    Ross B.: 195-195-195-lbs., 122 (95-lbs.)
    Ben A.: 205-210-210-lbs., 110 (115-lbs.)
    Chris T.: 205-210-210-lbs., 105 (115-lbs.)
    Luis D.: 145-155-155-lbs., 126 (75-lbs.)
    Tara S.: 135-140-135-lbs., 109 (75-lbs.)
    Elise C.: 130-135-140-lbs., 143 (75-lbs.)
    Rachel B.: 130-135-140*-lbs., 135 (55-lbs.)
    Elizabeth L.: 95-100-105*-lbs., 153 (45-lbs.)
    Chris C.: 285-305-310-lbs., 139 (135-lbs.; sub: from the rack)
    Shane B.: 145-145-145-lbs., 72 (75-lbs.)
    Josh M.: 175-175-175-lbs., 135 (115-lbs.)
    Christian M.: 165-165-165*-lbs., 139 (85-lbs.; sub: no pushup lateral burpee)
    Hari P.: 215-215-215-lbs., 124 (115-lbs.)
    Todd B.: 235-235-235*-lbs., 54 (sub: from the rack, burpee)
    Jamie T.: 215-205-205-lbs., 90 (115-lbs.)
    Sean Q.: 160-165-170*-lbs., 121 (95-lbs.)
    Luke B.: 135-145-135-lbs., 122 (75-lbs.)
    Alex M.: 185-195-205-lbs., 108 (95-lbs.)
    Walt C.: 155-155-160-lbs., 100 (95-lbs.)
    Jon H.: 180-190-190-lbs., 101 (95-lbs.)
    Miranda B.: 105-115-115-lbs., 92 (65-lbs.)
    David C.: 135-145-145*-lbs., 130 (75-lbs.)
    Ryan D.: 115-125-125*-lbs., 109 (65-lbs.)
    Mark Ab.: 255-285-305-lbs., 86
    Ralph A.: 225-235-225x-lbs., 81 (115-lbs.)
    Borja G.: 195-205-205-lbs., 133 (115-lbs.)
    Michael F.: 185-195-x-lbs., 142
    Kevin K.: 195-205-205-lbs., 104 (115-lbs.)
    Blaine P.: 185-185-x-lbs., 108 (115-lbs.; sub: from the rack)
    Andrew Z.: 195-195-185-lbs., 114
    Matt H.: 155-155-155-lbs., 101 (75-lbs.)
    Chase H.: 150-150-150-lbs., 136 (75-lbs.)
    Kate H.: 135-145-145x-lbs., 76 (75-lbs.)
    Anna G.: 105-105-115-lbs., 86 (75-lbs.)
    Sara R.: 140-140-140-lbs., 97
    Adrienne V.: 95-100-100-lbs., 89 (65-lbs.)
    Joe P.: 270-280-285-lbs., 119
    Ralph B.: 200-200-200-lbs., 95 (115-lbs.)
    Jason O.: 205-205-205-lbs., 107
    Brian K.: 175-185-185-lbs., 117 (95-lbs.; sub: from the rack)
    Greg K.: 145-145-145-lbs., 88 (85-lbs.)
    Carla G.: 75-80-80*-lbs., 97 (55-lbs.)
    Drew P.: 30-30-30-lb. dbs, 66 (sub: 10x weighted step-up, 20″, strict pull-up, strict ring dip)
    David S.: 185-185-185-lbs., 110
    Joe T.: 225-225-252-lbs., 113
    Devon H.: 185-185-185-lbs., 115 (115-lbs.)
    Dave R.: 245-250-250-lbs., 143
    Kit H.: 215-215-215-lbs., 88 (115-lbs; sub: sit-up)
    Jeff C.: 160-160-160-lbs., 98 (75-lbs.)
    Cassandra S.: 135-140-145-lbs., 116 (85-lbs.)
    Jo C.: 100-105-110-lbs., 106 (65-lbs.; sub: lateral step-over burpee)
    Dave K.: 175-175-175-lbs., 124 (115-lbs.)
    Michael H.: 185-195-200-lbs., 140 (115-lbs.)
    James W.: 165-165-165-lbs., 82 (75-lbs.)
    Kyle T.: 145-145-145-lbs., 99 (95-lbs.)
    Bill M.: 135-135-125-lbs., 95 (75-lbs.)
    Saumil S.: 140-145-145-lbs., 114 (85-lbs.)
    Ron S.: 140-140-130-lbs., 99 (75-lbs.)
    Josh B.: 150-160-170-lbs., 113 (95-lbs.)
    Sebastian E.: 115-125-135-lbs., 114 (75-lbs.)


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