Wednesday, February 22, 2017


  1. MPH | February 23, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Michael F.: 255-255-lbs., 38/58
    Hari P.: 330-330-lbs., 16/15
    Donal O.: 330-330-lbs., 13/12
    John L.: 245-245-lbs. (sub: pushup)
    Matt H.: 295-295-lbs., 6p/10
    Jon H.: 215-215-lbs., 9/17
    Charles B.: 255-255-lbs., A/DB
    Jason O.: 330-350-lbs., 24/34
    Sean F.: 315-325-lbs., 15/28
    Joe T.: 295-295-lbs., 16/21
    Kate H.: 175-175-lbs., A/DB
    Sara R.: 105-105-lbs. ?p/DB
    Andrew Z.: 205-205*-lbs., 16/25
    Brian M.: 215-215*-lbs., 14p/DB
    Anna G.: 155-160-lbs., A/DB
    Chelsea T.: 125-125*-lbs., A/DB
    Christine S.: 200-200-lbs., 18/29
    Carl S.: 245-245*-lbs., 8/practice
    Jerry I.: 175-175*-lbs., A/DB
    Yordano L.: 175-175*-lbs., A/DB
    Walt C.: 225-225-lbs., ?/?
    Steve M.: 225-225-lbs. (sub: ring dip/kipping ring dip)
    Tracey S.: 165-170-lbs., A/DB
    David C.: 205-215-lbs., 12p/DB
    Rich L.: 165-170*-lbs., A/DB
    Drew P.: 245-255-lbs., 27/32
    Alex Z.: 345-365-lbs., 13p/12
    JP S.: 295-300-lbs., A/DB
    Will H.: 205-215-lbs., A/DB
    Greg K.: 225-230-lbs., 30p (sub: prom strict hspu; 6 sets)
    Will O.: 205-205-lbs., A/DB
    Diana G.: 20-lbs. dbs, A/DB (sub: 10x weighted walking lunge)
    Kevin M.: 225-225-lbs., 18p (sub: 6 sets strict prom)
    Thomas R.: 190-195-lbs., 20p (sub: 6 sets strict prom)
    Lisa C.: 170-170-lbs., A/DB
    Jo C.: 160-160-lbs, A/DB
    Patrick J.: 215-215-lbs., 10p/10
    Bill M.: 225-215-lbs, 27p/5p
    Joe L.: 250-250-lbs., 24p (sub: 6 sets strict prom)
    Dave R.: 325-325-lbs., 17/45
    Tamra F.: 135-135-lbs., 25-lbs. (sub: 5x db sp + 5x db pp; 3 rds)
    Mead O.: 115-115-lbs., 25-lbs. (sub: 5x db sp + 5x db pp; 3 rds)
    Jen Mc.: 100-110-lbs., 20-lbs. (sub: 5x db sp + 5x db pp; 3 rds)
    Bill G.: 325-335-lbs. (sub: sls practice)
    Mark Ab.: 305-305-lbs. (sub: sls practice)
    Mark Co.: 335-355-lbs., 8/25
    Chris T.: 285-295-lbs., 8/20
    Blaine P.: 285-285-lbs., 50/40
    John P.: 265-285-lbs. , 17/30
    Edgar O.: 235-245-lbs., 19p/DB
    Michael Fo.: 235-245-lbs., A/DB
    Peter Mc.: 235-235-lbs., 24/32
    Sean Mc.: 215-225-lbs., 27/32
    Stephen R.: 205-215-lbs., A/DB
    Kat S.: 185-185-lbs., A/DB
    John N.: 185-185-lbs., A/DB
    Rachel B.: 185-185-lbs., A/DB
    Jin D.: 135x-135-lbs., A/DB
    Katie C.: 135-135-lbs., A/DB
    Colette C.: 125-125-lbs., A/DB
    Alvin S.: 125-125-lbs., A/DB
    Chris C.: 405-415-lbs., SP/PP
    Kit H.: 305-325-lbs., A/DB
    Ralph B.: 295-305-lbs., 8p/19
    Melody F.: 255-265-lbs., 18p/42
    Eduardo S.: 245-245-lbs., A/DB
    Sean Mc.: 195-195-lbs., 23,24
    Matthew W.: 135-135-lbs., A/DB
    Michael H.: 215-215-lbs., 39/44
    James W.: 225-225-lbs., A/DB
    Brian W.: 215-215-lbs., A/DB
    Luis D.: 195-195-lbs., 9p/practice
    Saumil S.: 185-185-lbs., 25p/26
    Tara S.: 180-190-lbs., 13/19
    Elise C.: 175-175-lbs., A/DB
    David G.: 195-205-lbs., 14p/11
    Chris H.: 325-325-lbs., 38/45
    James H.: 200-200-lbs., 11/23 (2 rds)
    Francisco L.: 220-220-lbs., 13p/DB
    Josh B.: 165-165-lbs., 11/22
    Travers O.: 145-155-lbs., 13p/DB
    Josh M.: 195-195-lbs., 12/72
    Candida M.: 145-145-lbs., 19p/DB

    • MPH | February 23, 2017 at 1:07 pm

      Notes for today:
      –Partial ROM strict handstand pushup number denoted as “#p”
      –For strict hspu scaled to atomic pushups, completed 3x 10
      –For kipping hspu scaled to db push press, completed 3x 10
      –Atomic pushup/db push press scale noted as A/DB


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