Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

in teams of two, for time:
30x deadlift @ 315/225-lbs.
60x lateral burpee
1-mile run* @ 20-lb. medicine ball
60x lateral burpee
30x deadlift

*Team must complete the run together, one person carries the medicine ball at a time.

for time:
30x suitcase deadlift (alternating, total)
60x lateral burpee
1-mile run
60x lateral burpee
30x suitcase deadlift

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | April 18, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    “Who Needs Frias”: 17:30
    Matthew W.: (225-lbs.)
    Borja G.: (225-lbs.)

    “Dads, the Duo”: 19:34
    Matt H.: (225-lbs.)
    Neil A.: (225-lbs.; sub: row)

    “Blainedrew”: 19:57
    Blaine P.: (185-lbs.)
    Andrew Z.: (185-lbs.)

    “C Squared”: 20:30
    Carla G.: (95-lbs., 10-lbs.)
    Cassandra S.: (95-lbs., 10-lbs.)

    “WWWJD” (What Would Walt and Jerry Do): 23:09
    Jerry I.: (185-lbs.)
    Walt C.: (185-lbs.)

    “KiSS”: 21:17
    Greg K.: (185-lbs.)
    JP S.: (205-lbs.)
    Carl S.: (185-lbs.)

    “Trinity”: 25:17
    Diana G.: (85-lbs.; sub: 2/3x burpee, row)
    Ruth A.: (85-lbs., 10-lbs.)

    “Jralph”: 20:45
    Ralph B.; (245-lbs.)
    Joe P.: (245-lbs.)

    “JAD”: 19:45
    Dave R.: (275-lbs.)
    Jason O.: (275-lbs.)
    Alex Z.: (275-lbs.)

    “The Fighting Mongooses”: 21:25
    Will O.: (155-lbs.; sub: no partner after run)
    Adrian A.: (155-lbs.; sub: stopped after run)

    “The Blonde Bombshells”: 23:50
    Anna G.: (135-lbs.)
    Kate H.: (135-lbs.)

    “JC Burps”: 22:55
    Chris T.: (205-lbs.)
    John L.: (205-lbs.)

    “CasH me Outside: 17:58
    Chris C.: Rx
    Chris H.: Rx

    “The Revenant” 18:44
    Donal O.: (275-lbs.)
    Michael H.: (225-lbs.)

    “J.J.”: 21:08
    Jo C.: (145-lbs.; sub: 1200m row)
    Julie F.: (125-lbs.)

    Rebekka E.: 16:13 (55-lbs.; sub: single-arm deadlift, squat + box step-over, 18″)

    “Sebuardo”: 19:19
    Sebastian E.: (175-lbs.)
    Eduardo S.: (185-lbs.)

    “Shoulder Power”: 24:04
    Holmes H.: (125-lbs.)
    David G.: (165-lbs.)

    “Post Easter Blues”: 21:53
    Thomas R.: (155-lbs.)
    Josh B.: (45-lbs.; sub: good morning)
    Ross B.: (265-lbs.)

    “Easter Bunnies”: 21:04
    Candida M.: (135-lbs.)
    Adrienne V.: (135-lbs.)

    “EL2”: 21:08
    Elise C.: (155-lbs.)
    Liz L.: (155-lbs.)

    “Good Game Cops”: 30:53
    Mark Co.: (275-lbs.)
    Jarod F.: (275-lbs.)

    “Smoked Joints”: 21:00
    Tina C.: (105-lbs.; sub: 1200m row)
    Bill G.: (285-lbs., airdyne)

    “Team Hingland”23:16
    Krishnan S.: (195-lbs.)
    Rich L.: (195-lbs.)

    “Hugo’s Boss: “22:33
    Jason S.: (225-lbs.)
    Edgar O.: (225-lbs.)

    “Stone Vacation”: 26:37
    Hari K.: (115-lbs.)
    Patrick J.: (95-lbs.)

    “Team Runs with Balls”: 24:56
    Kat S.: (165-lbs.)
    Rachel B.: (165-lbs.)


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