Wednesday, August 8, 2017

Wednesday, August 8, 2017

Froning and Fraser before the start of this event at the 2014 CrossFit Games.

Triple 3
for time:
3000m row
300x double under
run three miles

*This workout will be completed in teams of two. Partners will share the work in the row and the double under, but will each run the full distance. There is a 20-minute time limit for the (row + double under), and a 25-minute time limit “out the door” for the nine-loop three-mile course.

workout courtesy of crossfit games 2014

for time:
run 10k

Post score to comments.


  1. MPH | August 9, 2017 at 10:33 pm

    “Team Essentials”: 27:42
    Jen M.: (sub: 2k row, 3 laps)
    Mead O.: (sub: 2k row, single under, 3 laps)

    “Poncho & Lefty”: 37:16
    Michael F.: (Rx)
    Alex M.: (Rx)

    “Pukey”: 41:12
    Blaine P.: (Rx)
    Matthew W.: (Rx)

    “A For Effort!”: 45:00, 120 double unders
    Anna G.: (7 laps)
    Kate H.: (7 laps)

    “Save the Date”: 44:17
    Hari P.: (Rx)
    Charles B.: (Rx)

    “Andrew and Brian’s Great Adventure”: 43:54
    Andrew Z.: (Rx)
    Brian T.: (Rx)

    “Not Fast, Just Furious”
    John L.: 36:03 (6 laps)
    Kevin K.: 45:03 (Rx)

    “Daddy Long Legs”
    Charlie K.: 44:14 (8 laps)
    Jason S.: 44:44 (Rx)

    “Double Trouble”: 46:13
    Francisco L.: (5 laps + 100 air squat + 100 walking lunge)
    Walt C.: (Rx)

    “Fat J’s”
    Joe B.: 45:30 (6 laps)
    Jerry C.: 45:30 (Rx)

    “The Core 3”
    Mali P.: 43:34 (8 laps)
    Carly B.: 39:26 (6 laps)
    Cassandra S.: 44:34 (8 laps)

    “The Caboders”: 44:00, 1 double under *Start 2
    Sergio L.: (3 laps + 50 air squat + 50 walking lunge)
    RJ A.: (8 laps)

    “West Coast Best Coast”: 42:20, 22 double unders *Start 2
    Christopher J.: (Rx)
    Dave B.: (Rx)

    “Barely 3”: 44:27 *Start 2
    Aaron B.: (sub: single under)
    Will H.: (sub: 50 walking lunge for double under)

    “Shoulda Drove”
    Joe P.: 39:37 (6 laps)
    Matt S.: 41:41 (Rx)

    “The Only Thing Quick is Our Wit”: 37:43
    Seth B.: (6 laps)
    Jason O.: (6 laps)

    “Shawesome”: 44:53
    Greg F.: (Rx)
    David G.: (Rx)

    “Just Short”
    Alissa G.: 28:55 (3 laps)
    Dan A.: 45:04 (Rx)

    “Kweens of South West”
    JP S.: 40:34 (7 laps)
    Greg K.: 42:03 (Rx)

    “Lilo and Stitch”: 44:35
    Dave R.: (Rx)
    Will O.: (Rx)

    “Saumil’s Really Fast”
    Jo C.: 41:46 (6 laps)
    Saumil S.: 43:30 (Rx)

    “Three Stooges”
    Brad G.: 40:46 (Rx)
    Ross B.: 44:44 (Rx)
    Travers O.: 43:01 (8 laps)

    “L & M”
    Megan K.: 43:42 (6)
    Liz L.: 48:02 (Rx)

    “Luck To Be Alive”
    Tara S.: 46:22 (Rx)
    Elise C.: 46:34 (Rx)

    “Scaled Superstars”: 197 double unders
    Jesse M.: 45:05 (7 laps)
    Candida M.: 47:00 (8 laps)

    James H.: 26:01 (sub: 1000m row + 500m arms only + 50x rotational wall ball + 150x sit-up throw/25x glute bridge every 25)

    “Cotton Mouth”
    Chris C.: 40:44 (Rx)
    Jonathan H.: 44:46 (Rx)

    “Carl Marks”
    Mark Co.: 45:30 (Rx)
    Carl L.: 44:06 (8 laps)

    John P.: 40:22

    “ET”: 172 double unders
    Teal B.: 28:55 (sub: lunge/double under)
    Edgar O.: 44:06 (6 laps)

    • MPH | August 9, 2017 at 10:33 pm

      Notes for today:
      –Start 2: run, row, double under
      –20′ time limit on (row + double under)
      —double unders scored by repetitions to completion
      –25′ time limit on the beginning of the 9th loop
      –running course used: 3-loop mile (Church to Q)
      –one score if both teammates ran the same distance and started in order
      –two scores if each teammate ran a different distances and started in order


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