Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

as many rounds as possible in seven minutes:
7x deadlift @ 315/205-lbs.
14x single-leg squat (alternating, total)
21x double under
100m sprint

Compare similar results to February 22, 2013.

workout courtesy of crossfit games 2010

as many rounds as possible in seven minutes:
7x suitcase deadlift
14x single-leg squat (alternating, total)
7x burpee
100m sprint

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | August 11, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    Dave R.: 138
    Michael P.: 131 (sub: step-up, 24″)
    Liz L.: 108 (145-lbs.; sub: band sls, 1/3x du)
    John L.: 128 (225-lbs.; sub: step-up, 24″)
    Linda S.: 114 (145-lbs.; sub: band sls, 10x du)
    Donal O.: 132 (275-lbs.; sub: step-up, 24″)
    Chase H.: 98 (225-lbs.; sub: plate sls)
    Chris C.: 141
    Joe B.: 93
    Jason S.: 128 (225-lbs.)
    Walt C.: 107 (195-lbs., sub: banded sls)
    Christian M.: 115 (185-lbs.; sub: 1/2x kb swing, sit-up, row)
    David C.: 83 (185-lbs.)
    David G.: 129 (185-lbs.; sub: plate sls, 2/3x du)
    Jerry I.: 104 (165-lbs.; sub: plate sls, 1/3x du)
    Matt S.: 107 (275-lbs.; sub: band sls)
    Mali P.: 81 (115-lbs.; sub: 1/3x du)
    Carly B.: 91 (105-lbs.; sub: band sls)
    Christopher J.: 87 (105-lbs.; sub: band sls)
    Katherine C.: 75 (65-lbs.; sub: 5/7x band sls, 1/3x du)
    Dan A.: 153 (135-lbs.; sub: band sls)
    Alissa G.: 129 (185-lbs.)
    Julie F.: 86 (125-lbs.; sub: 1/3x du)
    Jason O.: 129 (275-lbs.)
    Will O.: 85 (185-lbs.; sub: plate sls, 2/3x du)
    JP S.: 74 (245-lbs.; sub: band sls, 1/3x du)
    Alex Z.: 128
    Eduardo S.: 86 (185-lbs.; sub: band sls, 1/3x du)
    Elise C.: 87 (175-lbs.; sub: 2/3x sit-up throw, row)
    Greg K.: 133 (135-lbs.; sub: band sls)
    Mark Ab.: 71 (sub: 5/7x plate sls, 2/3x du)
    Borja G.: 131 (275-lbs.)
    Alex M.: 132 (265-lbs.; sub: plate sls)
    Matt H.: 99 (230-lbs.; sub: band sls)
    Brian M.: 88 (185-lbs.; sub: plate sls, 2/3x du)
    Anna G.: 74 (115-lbs.; sub: band sls, 1/3x du)
    Chelsea T.: 181 (110-lbs.; sub: band sls, 2x single under)
    Mark Co.: 93 (265-lbs)
    Adrienne V.: 128 (125-lbs, sub: band sls)
    Michael H.: 142 (205-lbs)
    Jonathan H.: 128 (185-lbs sub: plate sls)
    Megan K.: 106 (135-lbs sub: plate/band sls)
    Tara S.: 132 (165-lbs)
    Josh M.: 128 (235-lbs)
    Ross B.: 86 (265-lbs sub: plate sls)
    Patrick J.: 93 (155-lbs sub: plate sls)
    James H.: 172 (115-lbs, sub: straight leg dl, 20″ glute bridge, med ball rotation, 100m row)
    Travers O.: 103 (185-lbs sub: band sls)
    Rachel B.: 100 (165-lbs sub: plate sls)


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