Friday, August 18, 2017

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  1. MPH | August 19, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Donal O.: 2 rounds + 3x hspu (sub: 1/3x hspu + 1/3x hspu abmat)
    Anna G.: 4 rounds + 42x squat (sub: 2/3x strict bodyrow)
    Alex M.: 5 rounds + 3x squat (sub: 2/3x ring dip)
    Charles B.: 3 rounds + 1x wall climb
    Hari P.: 4 rounds + 2x squat (sub: 1/2x hpsu)
    Brian M.: 3 rounds + 10x squat (sub: 1/2x hspu abmat)
    Michael F.: 4 rounds + 6x squat
    Kat S.: 3 rounds + 31x squat (sub: 7/15x prom hspu)
    Chris C.: 3 rounds + 5x hspu (sub: 200m row, strict)
    Christopher J.: 3 rounds + 33x squat (sub; 2/3x atomic)
    Sean F.: 3 rounds + 50x squat (sub: 2/3x hspu)
    David G.: 3 rounds + 18x squat (sub: 7/15x hspu)
    Thomas R.: 3 rounds + 1x hspu (sub: 7/15x hspu)
    Aaron B.: 3 rounds + 9x atomic (sub: 2/3x kneeling atomic)
    Diana G.: 3 rounds + 33x squat (sub: 2/3x atomic)
    Carly B.: 3 rounds + 28x squat (sub: 2/3x kneeling atomic)
    Charlie K.: 2 rounds + 35x squat (sub: 2/3x prom hspu)
    Jerry I.: 3 rounds + 6x squat (sub: 2/3x atomic)
    Drew P.: 4 rounds + 28x squat
    JP S.: 3 rounds + 50x squat (sub: 7/15x prom hspu)
    RJ A.: 3 rounds + 8x squat (sub: 2/3x atomic)
    Matt S.: 3 rounds + 20x squat (sub: 7/15x hspu)
    Alex Z.: 3 rounds + 4x squat (sub: 1/3x hspu)
    Elise C.: 4 rounds + 29x squat (sub: 7/15x pushup)
    Dan A.: 3 rounds + 23x squat (sub: 2/3x atomic)
    Greg K.: 3 rounds + 36x squat (sub: 1/3x hspu)
    Jen M.: 4 rounds + 10x squat (sub: 3/5x squat) 1/3x pushup)
    Dave R.: 4 rounds + 28x squat
    Chris H.: 4 rounds + 14x squat
    Katherine C.: 3 rounds + 10x squat (sub: 3/5x squat to med ball, 2/3x kneeling atomic)
    Bill M.: 3 rounds + 32x squat (sub: 7/15x hspu/hspu abmat)
    Lisa C.: 4 rounds + 14x squat (sub: 2/3x strict bodyrow)
    Edgar O.: 3 rounds (35-lb. dbs; sub: seated shoulder press)
    Cassandra S.: 3 rounds + 44x squat (sub: 7/15x prom hspu)
    Mark Ab.: 4 rounds (sub: 2/3x atomic)
    Sean Mc.: 3 rounds + 35x squat (sub: 2/3x hspu)
    Ralph B.: 4 rounds + 30x squat (sub: 1/3x hspu)
    Travers O.: 4 rounds (sub: 1/3x prom hspu)
    Adrienne V.: 3 rounds + 32x squat (sub: kneeling atomic)
    Josh M.: 4 rounds + 23x squat
    Jesse M.: 3 rounds + 34x squat (sub: 7/15x kneeling atomic)
    Rachel B.: 4 rounds + 7x squat (sub: 7/15x kneeling atomic)
    Mark Co.: 5 rounds + 3x squat (sub: 1/3x hspu)
    Tara S.: 4 rounds + 46x squat (sub: push up)
    Ross B.: 4 rounds + 21x squat (sub: 7/15x atomic)
    Liz L.: 4 rounds + 3x squat (sub: kneeling atomic)
    James H.: 3 rounds + 182m row (sub: 200m row)
    Julian G.: 2 rounds + 30x squat (sub: 7/15x atomic)


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