Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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  1. MPH | October 4, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    Borja G.: 20:09
    Blaine P.: 22:50
    Collin S.: 21:54 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Neil A.: 24:44 (sub: 1/2x ring dip, row)
    Sam A.: 21:15 (sub: 1/2x jump to static support)
    Ralph A.: 25:48 (sub: 1/2x static dip, 3/12/200m last round)
    Tyler B.: 25:37 (sub: 1/2x static dip)
    Brian M.: 23:04
    Chase H.: 20:53
    Walt C.: 22:48
    Jerry I.: 23:37 (sub: ring dip/jump to support)
    David C.: 22:55
    Cassandra S.: 23:50 (sub: 2 ring dip + 4 static dip)
    Mali P.: 22:04 (sub: 1/2x jump to static support)
    RJ A.: 22:04 (sub: 1/2x jump to static support)
    Denny W.: 22:20 (sub: 3/4x ring dip)
    Miguel N.: 22:04 (sub: 1/2x jump to static support)
    David G.: 21:14 (sub: 3/4x ring dip)
    Joya T-D.: 19:22 (sub: 3/4x bench dip, 2/3x burpee; 3 rounds; 200m final rd)
    Nayadah L.: 19:49 (sub: 1/2x jump to static support)
    JP S.: 26:44 (sub: 2 jump to support + 4 static dip)
    Greg K.: 24:25 (sub: 3/4x ring dip)
    Mark S.: 19:55 (sub: 1/2x jump to static support, 2/3x burpee, 3/8/200m last round; 3 rds)
    Allie R.: 23:44 (sub: 1/2x jump to static support)
    Joe T.: 19:13
    Melody F.: 24:14
    Dave R.: 23:26
    Will H.: 27:06 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Eduardo S.: 17:04 (sub: pushup, 1/2x burpee)
    Michael H.: 17:04
    Brad G.: 19:00
    Jo C.: 19:20 (15-lbs.; sub: weighted sit-up, step-up, 24″, run/2′ air bike)
    Andrew: 19:41 (sub: static dip)
    Dan A.: 20:40 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Francisco L.: 21:05 (sub: 3/4x ring dip)
    Saumil S.: 21:45 (sub: 3/4x ring dip)
    Donal O.: 22:23
    Patrick J.: 23:17 (sub: 3/4x ring dip)
    Thomas B.: 23:09 (sub: 3/4x static dip, 3 rounds)
    Liz L.: 23:24 (sub: 1/2x banded static dip)
    Megan K.: 24:53 (sub: 1/2x static dip)
    Joe P.: 25:00 (sub: 3/4x ring dip)
    Adrienne V.: 27:29 (sub: 1/2x static dip)
    Sean Q.: 17:22 (sub: 5x burpee + the rest box jump, 24″)
    Josh M.: 17:31
    Peter M.: 22:08 (sub: 3/4x ring dip)
    Elise C.: 23:30 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Charle K.: 25:15 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Jesse M.: 26:27 (sub: 1/2x banded static dip)
    Sergio L.: 23:35 (sub: bench dip, 3 rounds)
    Ross B.: 22:57 (sub: 1/2x ring dip)
    Matthew W.: 16:56
    Sean Mc.: 21:40
    Brian K.: 23:52 (sub: 8-8-6-6 ring dip)
    Edgar O.: 23:32 (sub: 1/2x ring dip, 24-12-12-12 burpee)
    Amy S.: 23:32 (sub: 3/4x ring dip)
    Jin D.: 23:03 (sub: 1/2x banded static dip)
    Siying L.: 25:52 (sub: bench dip, 1/2x burpee)
    Rob M.: 22:06 (sub: static dip, 1/2x burpee)


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