Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

seven rounds:
30″ to complete 11x burpee
–30″ rest–
30″ to row 10/8 calories
–30″ rest–
30″ to complete 45x double under
–30″ rest–

Outside The Box”
seven rounds:
30″ to complete 11x burpee
–30″ rest–
30″ to complete 30x squat
–30″ rest–
30″ to complete 15x sit-up
–30″ rest–

Post score to comments.


  1. MPH | October 11, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    Borja G.: 4/7 du
    Alex M.: 4/7 burpee, 6/7 du
    Matt H.: 1/7 du (sub: 2/3x du)
    Hari P.: 2/7 du, 4/7 burpee
    Charles B.: 0/7 du(sub 1/3x du)
    Kate H.: 4/7 du (sub: 7/11x burpee, 10/45x du)
    Kevin K.: 6/7 du (sub: 7/11x burpee)
    Donal O.: 0/7 du
    Collin S.: 🙂 (sub: 10/45x du)
    Joe P.: 2/7 du (sub: 30/45x du)
    Cassandra S.: 4/7 du (sub: 9/11x burpee)
    Sean Q.: 🙂 (sub: 2/3x du)
    David G.: 5/7 row (sub: 8/11x burpee)
    Luke B.: 6/7 du (sub: 15/45x du)
    Walt C.: 5/7 row (sub: 20/45x du)
    Christopher J.: 🙂 (sub: 10/45x du)
    David C.: 6/7 du, 4/7 row (sub: 10/45x du)
    Keith C.: 6/7 burpee, 4/7 row, 1/7 du (sub: 8/11x burpee, 8/10x calorie row, 1/3x du)
    Aaron B.: 🙂 (sub: 7/11x step out, no jump burpee, 15/45x situp)
    Miguel N.: 🙂 (sub: 8/11x burpee, 5/45x du)
    Denny W.: 🙂 (sub: 10/45x du)
    Todd C.: 4/7 row (sub: 8/11x burpee, single under)
    Maria L.: 5/7 row, 6/7 du (sub: 7/11x burpee, 6/8x calorie row, 3/45x burpee, 5 rounds)
    Tommy W.: 🙂 (sub: 8/11x burpee, 8/10x calorie row, 2/3x single under, 5 rounds)
    Jason G.: 🙂 (sub: 5/11x burpee, 3/45x du, 5 rounds)
    JP S.: 🙂 (sub: 8/10x burpee, 12/45x du)
    Greg K.: 4/5x burpee, 4/5x row, 3/5x du (sub: 8/10x burpee, 5 rounds)
    Drew P.: 🙂
    Brad G.: 🙂 (sub: 25/45x du)
    Ralph B.: 2/7x du (sub: 25/45x du)
    Megan K.: 4/7x row (sub: 8/11x burpee, 30/45x du)
    Mark S.: 2/5x row, 3/5x du (sub: 7/11x burpee, 8/10x calorie, single under, 5 rounds)
    Kevin M.: 6/7x burpee, 2/7x row (sub: 7/11x burpee, 10/45x du)
    Jen M.: 🙂 (sub: 5/11x burpee, 6/8x cal, 10/45x du)
    Joya TD.: 🙂 (sub: 5/11x burpee, 6/8x cal, 5/45x du)
    Ken F.: 5/7x burpee, 4/7x cal, 6/7x du (sub: 5/11x burpee, 8/10x cal, 5/45x du)
    Dave R.: 🙂
    Chris H.: 6/7x row, 3/7x du
    Mali P.: 6/7x row (sub: 8/11x burpee, 6/8x cal, 15/45x du)
    Michael H.: 5/7x du
    Charlie K.: 3/7x burpee (sub: 12/45x du)
    Matt W.: 6/7x du
    Liz L.: 🙂 (sub: 10/45x du)
    Elise C.: 🙂 (sub: 12/45x du)
    Lisa C.: 2/7x du (sub: 8/11x burpee, 30/45x du)
    RJ A.: 3/7x du (sub: 8/11x burpee, 8/10x cal, 3/45x du)
    Dan A.: 4/7x du (sub: 8/11x burpee, 8/10x cal)
    Sean Mc.: (sub: 8/10x cal, 30/45x du)
    Amy S.: 6/11x burpee, 5/7x du
    Travers O.: 🙂 (sub: 15/45x du)
    Sebastian E.: 🙂 (sub: 10/45x du)
    Chris C.: 🙂 (sub: 8/11x burpee, 8/10x cal, 30/45x du)
    Francisco L.: 4/7x burpee, 3/7x row, 4/7x du
    James H.: (sub: 10/11x burpee, 6/10x cal, arms only, 10/45x dball slams @ 30-lbs.)
    Jesse M.: 6/7x cal, 2/7x du (sub: 8/11x burpee, 8/10x cal, 10/45x du)
    Josh M.: 3/7x du
    Lauren I.: 6/7x du (sub: 5/11x burpee, 6/10x cal, 5/45x du)
    Josh B.: 3/7x du (sub: 8/10x cal, 30/45x du)
    John P.: 🙂
    Tara S.: 🙂 (sub: 7/10x burpee, 6/8x cal, 20/45x du)

    • MPH | October 11, 2017 at 9:41 pm

      Notes for today:
      –scored by total rounds per exercise made to target


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