Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017


Compare results to September 27, 2016.

then, every minute, on-the-minute for 10 minutes where the odd intervals are 10x deadlift @ 225/155-lbs., and the even intervals are 10x handstand pushup.

Outside The Box”
every minute, on-the-minute for 10 minutes where the odd intervals are 10x suitcase deadlift, and the even intervals are 10x handstand pushup.

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  1. MPH | October 14, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Karolina B.: 155-lbs. (135-lbs.; sub: kneeling atomic)
    Collin S.: 175*-lbs. (115-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Keith C.: 185*-lbs. (95-lbs.; sub: 7x kneeling atomic)
    Alex M.: 330-lbs. (sub: strict shoulder press)
    Thomas C.: 310-lbs. (sub: 45″ air bike, pushup)
    Tyler B.: 360-lbs. (sub: 3x hspu)
    Charles B.: 295*-lbs. (195-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Kate H.: 205-lbs. (115-lbs.; sub: kneeling atomic)
    Dennis W.: 195-lbs. (155-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Megan K.: 165-lbs. (145-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Jamie T.: 275-lbs. (185-lbs.; sub: 3x prom)
    Chris C.: 395-lbs. (sub: 7x deadlift, 5x hspu)
    Todd C.: 205*-lbs. (125-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Miguel N.: 155-lbs. (105-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Mali P.: 145-lbs. (105-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Peter Mc.: 275-lbs. (205-lbs.; sub 7x hspu)
    Jason S.: 275-lbs. (205-lbs.; sub: 3x hspu)
    Walt C.: 235-lbs. (175-lbs.; sub: 5x hspu)
    David C.: 245-lbs. (175-lbs.; sub: 5x hspu)
    Melody F.; 285-lbs. (sub: first 1-2 reps strict)
    Edgar O.: 295-lbs. (185-lbs., 35-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press/push press)
    Michael H.: 265-lbs. (185-lbs.)
    Cassandra S.: 225-lbs. (135-lbs.; sub: 5x prom)
    Jo C.: 195-lbs. (135-lbs.; sub: 7x atomic)
    Lisa C.: 180-lbs. (115-lbs.; sub: 7x kneeling atomic)
    Katherine C.: 125*-lbs. (65-lbs.; sub: 7x kneeling atomic)
    JP S.: 325-lbs. (sub: 5x hspu)
    Drew P.: 275-lbs.
    Ralph B.: 275-lbs. (205-lbs.; sub: 5x hspu)
    Amy S.: (sub: lateral banded walk, 10x weighted step-up, 30-lb. dbs, 45″ elbow plank)
    Elise C.: 205-lbs. (sub: 1/2x prom hspu)
    Jin D.: 160-lbs. (125-lbs.; sub: 7x atomic)
    Greg K.: 225-lbs. (165-lbs.; sub: 1/2x hspu)
    Rob M.: 300-lbs. (sub: atomic)
    Travers O.: 195-lbs. (145-lbs.; sub: 1/2x hspu)
    Saumil S.: 195-lbs. (155-lbs.; sub: 7x hspu)
    Josh M.: 265-lbs. (205-lbs.)
    Ross B.: 305-lbs. (sub: atomic)
    Joe T.: 305-lbs. (205-lbs.; sub: 7x hspu)
    John N.: 215-lbs. (145-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Thomas R.: 235-lbs. (175-lbs.; sub: 7x hspu)
    Sean Mc.: 225-lbs. (sub: 45″ assault)
    Jesse M.: 165-lbs. (115-lbs.; sub: kneeling atomic)
    Sam A.: 165-lbs. (115-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Ralph A.: 315-lbs.
    Mark Ab.: 365-lbs. (sub: atomic)
    Donal O.: 350-lbs sub: 5x hspu)
    James H.: 175-lbs. (155-lbs.)
    Dan A.: 175*-lbs. (155-lbs.; sub: atomic)

    • Jen M. | October 16, 2017 at 1:16 pm

      Jen M.: 145-lbs. (55-lbs.; sub: 5x kneeling atomic)


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