Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday, February 19, 2018

***Important Announcement***
Due to the Presidents Day Holiday, MPH is running a modified Saturday schedule on Monday, February 19. We will have classes at 8am, 9am, and 10am, only.

for time:
100x pull-up
100x pushup
100x sit-up
100x squat

Compare results to April 22, 2016.

workout courtesy of

Outside The Box”
for time:
100x *pull*
100x pushup
100x sit-up
100x squat

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | February 19, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    Hari P.: 26:45 (sub: 75x pull)
    Will O.: 24:19 (sub: 75x pull)
    Charles B.: 25:04
    Kate H.: 27:15 (sub: 50x band, 50x pushup/knee)
    John N.: 28:50 (sub: 50x pull/band, 75x pushup)
    Michael Fo.: 27:58 (sub: 50x band, 75x pushup)
    Mark S.: 26:13 (sub: 50x band, 50x pushup, 75x sit-up)
    Diana G.: 23:05 (sub: 75x band, 50x push/knee)
    Aaron B.: 25:29 (sub: 75x band, 75x pushup)
    Jin D.: 21:27 (sub: 75x band, 50x pushup)
    Andrew Z.: 22:28 (sub: 75x pull)
    Chase H.: 21:40
    Greg K.: 25:44
    Tyler B.: 28:32 (sub: 50x band, 75x pushup, 75x sit-up)
    Dave R.: 22:40
    Elise C.: 23:42 (sub: 75x pull)
    Will O.: 26:51 (sub: 50x pull, 75x pushup, 75x squat)
    Jason S.: 27:19
    Thomas R.: 27:35
    Ryan H.: 28:01 (sub: 75x pull)
    Tommy W.: 28:22 (sub: 75x band, 75x pushup)
    Jason G.: 29:22 (sub: 50x band, 50x pushup, 75x sit-up)
    Jason O.: 28:50
    Christopher J.: 28:09 (sub: 50x pull)
    Lisa C.: 22:25 (sub: 50x band, 75x pushup)
    Buffy M.: 22:58 (sub: 40x band, 50x pushup, 25x sit-up, 50x glute bridge)
    Seth C.: 25:28 (sub: 50x pull, 75x pushup)
    Jesse M.: 21:17 (sub: 50x band, 50x pushup)
    Ross B.: 25:44 (sub: 75x band)
    Sean F.: 26:11
    Ralph B.: 25:29 (sub: 75x pull)
    Shane B.: 25:32 (sub: 50x band, 50x pushup, 75x sit-up, 75x squat)
    Seth B.: 26:32 (sub: 50x band, 75x pushup, 75x sit-up)
    Joe P.: 26:13
    Sean Mc.: 25:39
    Max M.: 24:06
    Mark Ab.: 21:23 (sub: 75x pull)
    Sergio L.: 25:18 (sub: 50x band, 75x pushup)
    Drew P.: 23:30
    Jo C.: 18:21 (sub: 30x pull, 75x pushup)
    Carl L.: 18:01 (sub: 50x pull, 75x pushup)
    Patrick J.: 26:00 (sub: 50x pull)
    Josh M.: 20:59
    Cassie S.: 23:30 (sub: 25x strict, 75x pushup, 25x hollow, 50x glute bridge)
    Francisco L.: 26:02
    Andrew B.: 23:48 (sub: 50x band, 50x pushup)
    Maria L.: 26:38 (sub: 50x band, 100x knee pushup)
    Adrienne V.: 24:53 (sub: 50x band, 50x pushup/knee, 75x sit-up)


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