Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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  1. MPH | February 21, 2018 at 12:29 pm

    Dynamite: 22:32
    Yafet A.: (35-lbs.; sub: single under)
    Mike P.: (35-lbs.; sub: single under)
    Yasmine B.: (17-lbs.; sub: single under)

    Team Recovery: 25:08
    Donal O.: (95-lbs.)
    Matt H.: (80-lbs.)

    Daniel & Collin: 24:00, 16 rounds
    Dan S.: (65-lbs.; sub: single under)
    Collin S.: (65-lbs.)

    The Sunshine Committee: 21:36
    Kate H.: (65-lbs.; sub: 20x du/round)
    Anna G.: (65-lbs.; sub: power clean, 20x du/round)

    “Ain’t Change”: 25:03
    Hari P.: (95-lbs.)
    John L.: (95-lbs.)

    RompHim Weather: 25:25
    Charles B.: (75-lbs.; sub: 15x du/round)
    Samule B.: (75-lbs.; sub: 15x du/round)

    Tyler & Andrew: 25:41
    Tyler B.: (115-lbs.)
    Andrew Z.: (95-lbs.)

    Three Is Better Than Two: 17:28
    Dave R.: Rx
    Chris H.: Rx
    Dave K.: (95-lbs.)

    Team Philippines: 17:32
    Joya TD.: (45-lbs.; sub: 10x du/round)
    Simon B.: (45-lbs.; sub: single under)

    Team Lina: 15:23
    Lisa C.: (45-lbs. sub: 1/2x du/round)
    Anna G.: (45-lbs.; sub: 5x du/round)

    Mix A Lot: 20:39
    Cristian D.: (65-lbs.; sub: power clean, 5x 40 su + 5x 20 du)
    RJ A.: (65-lbs.; sub: single under)

    Team Tilt: 17:33
    Kevin M.: (75-lbs.; sub: single under)
    James W.: (75-lbs.; sub: single under)

    Jo-Dano: 22:13
    Jo C.: (55-lbs.; sub: 30x du/round)
    Yordano L.: (65-lbs; sub: 10x du/round)

    Bad Girl Ry Ry: 20:38
    Ryan H.: (65-lbs., sub: 20x du/round, 5 rounds, 15x du/round, 5 rounds)
    Rebekka E.: (65-lbs., sub: 1/2x du, 7 rounds, single under, 3 rounds)

    Tres Ninjas: 20:23
    Candida M.: (45-lbs.)
    Megan K.: (45-lbs.)
    Liz L.: (45-lbs., sub: 3/4x du)

    ?: 21:21
    Jesse M.: (55-lbs., sub: 1/2x du)
    Tara S.: (55-lbs.)

    Back in Business: 16:00
    Jim D.: (65-lbs, sub: single unders)
    Jamie T.: (65-lbs., sub: single unders)

    Team NAFTA: 19:16
    Francisco L.: (85-lbs.)
    Peter Mc.: (85-lbs.)

    The Chalupas: 22:24
    Josh M.: (95-lbs.)
    Sean Mc.: (95-lbs.)
    Joe P.: (135-lbs., sub: 1/2x du)

    Gamecocks: 19:14
    Jarod F.: (105-lbs., sub: 20x du/round)
    Mark Ab.: (135-lbs., sub: power clean, 10x du/round)

    6AM Rules at 7PM: 16:00
    John P.: (105-lbs.)
    Borja G.: (105-lbs.)

    Dubs for Days: 17:55
    Sean Q.: (85-lbs.)
    Patrick J.: (85-lbs., sub: 30x du/round)

    Team Baby Steps: 17:07
    Krishnan S.: (55-lbs., sub: 20x du/round)
    Travers O.: (75-lbs., sub: power clean)

    Triple A: 19:14
    Kat S.: (55-lbs., sub: 20x du/round)
    Adrienne V.: (55-lbs., sub: 30x du/round)
    Amy S.: (35-lb. db, sub: single arm snatch, 20x du/round)

    Team No Name: 19:03
    Katherine C.: (35-lbs., sub: 10x du/round)
    Kim H.: (35-lbs., sub: 15x du/round)


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