Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018

five rounds; rest exactly two minutes between rounds:
100m run
10x single-arm snatch @ 70/55-lbs.
15x russian swing
100m run

Outside The Box”
five rounds; rest exactly two minutes between rounds:
100m run
10x single-arm pushup (alternating, total)
10x standing long jump
100m run

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  1. MPH | March 24, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    Borja G.: 21:09
    Matt H.: 19:27 (45-lb. db., 55-lb. kb.)
    Tyler B.: 19:48 (40-lbs., 25-lbs., 55-lb. kb.; sub: single arm db. clean & press, left)
    Anna G.: 19:54 (30-lb. db., 35-lb. kb.; sub: single-arm db. clean)
    Charles B.: 20:21 (45-lb. db.)
    Hari P.: 21:58
    Colin S.: 21:15 (40-lb. db., 55-lb, kb.)
    John L.: 21:11 (sub: 10 calorie bike0
    Max M.: 21:26 (55-lb db., 55-lb. kb.)
    Peter Mc.: 20:13 (55-lb. db.)
    Adrian A.: 23:38 (30-lb. db., 45-lb. kb.)
    Jason O.: 24:19
    Will H.: 20:59 (45-lb. db., 55-lb. kb.)
    Joe R.: 21:28 (20-lb. db.; sub: hang single-arm db. snatch, incline push-up)
    Christopher J.: 19:30 (40-lb. db., 55-lb. kb.)
    Jason S.: 19:42 (55-lb. db.)
    David C.: 21:38 (40-lb. db., 55-lb. kb.; sub: bike)
    Chris C.: 22:20
    Walt C.: 21:02 (50-lb. db., 55-lg. kb.)
    Adrian P.: 20:53 (35-lb. db., 55-lb. kb.)
    Drew P.: 18:59 (45-lb. kb)
    Ralph B.: 19:31 (55-lb. db, 55-lb. kb)
    Greg K.: 19:50 (40-lb. db, 55-lb. kb)
    Jamie Ac.: 20:22 (20-lb. db, 35-lb. kb)
    Seth C.: 20:36 (40-lb. db, 55-lb. kb)
    Allie R.: 21:19 (30-lb.db, 45-lb. kb)
    Dan S.: 21:46 (25-lb. db, 45/35-lb. kb)
    Diana G.: 21:14 (20-lb. db, 35-lb. kb)
    Mead O.: 19:00 (20-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: one run, hang snatch)
    Derrika W.: 20:00 (15-lbs., 25-lbs.; sub: one run, hang snatch)
    Brad G.: 18:23 (40/35-lb. db, 45-lb. kb)
    Dave R.: 19:21 (sub: row)
    Lisa C.: 20:17 (35-lb. db)
    Cassie S.: 19:30 (40-lb. db)
    Holmes H.: 20:53 (25-lb. db, 35-lb. kb)
    Joya TD.: 19:35 (15-lb. db, 35-lb. kb)
    Bill M.: 20:22 (35-lb. db, 55-lb. kb)
    Diana D.: 21:50 (15-lb. db, 25-lb. kb)
    RJ A.: 19:45 (35-lb. db, 45-lb. kb)
    Cristian D.: 19:32 (30-lb. db, 45-lb. kb)
    Ben S.: 19:18 (25-lb. db, 35-lb. kb)
    Yafet A.: 20:10 (20-lb. db 45-lb. kb)
    Andrew B.: 19:25 (25-lb. db, 45-lb. kb)
    Anjali R.: 20:06 (10-lb.db, 5-lb. kb)
    Edgar O.: 21:33 (35-lb. db, 55-lb. kb)
    Ryan H.: 23:22 (30-lb.db; sub: 5 cal bike, 10x seated single-arm hang clean and press, strict bodyrow)
    Tom G.: 23:35 (15-lb. db, 25-lb. kb)
    Katherine C.: 19:22 (15-lb. db, 25-lb. kb)
    Tara S.: 20:23 (35-lb. db, 45-lb. kb)
    Gavin P.: 20:44 (35-lb. db, 35-lb. kb)
    Kim H.: 23:42 (20-lb. db, 25-lb. kb)
    Bill G.: 22:58
    Joe T.: 20:30 (55-lb. db)
    Ross B.: 19:49 (55-lb. db)
    Jesse M.: 20:39 (35-lb. db, 45-lb. kb)
    John La.: 20:00 (30-lb. db, 35-lb. kb)
    Sean Mc.: 19:44 (45-lb. db, 55-lb. kb)
    Chris T.: 22:11 (55-lb. db, 55-lb. kb)
    Saumil S.: 20:36 (40-lb. db, 55-lb. kb)
    Josh M.: 21:52 (55-lb. db)


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