Tuesday, April 24, 2018


  1. Anna Goldman | April 24, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    I’m not proud of the score but at least I did it.

    • MPH | April 24, 2018 at 11:03 pm

      Nice job! Way to get it in!

  2. MPH | April 24, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    Borja G. 16:01
    Matthew W.: 13:46
    Tyler B.: 21:08 (sub: banded sls)
    Hari P.: 20:40 (sub: plate-assisted sls)
    Joe P.: 21:03 (sub: pole-assisted sls)
    Max M.: 19:59
    Andrew Z.: 18:08 (sub: prom sls to a target)
    Collin S.: 17:53
    Kevin K.: 17:54 (sub: 2/3x sls)
    Anna G.: 19:45 (sub: banded)
    Kate H.: 21:11 (sub: 2/3x banded)
    Michael H.: 14:55
    Sean Q.: 16:43
    Walt C.: 18:25 (sub: banded sls)
    Christopher J.: 19:12 (sub: plate-assisted sls)
    Matt S.: 18:54 (sub: banded sls)
    David C.: 19:20 (sub: row)
    Luke B.: 20:43 (sub: plate-assisted sls)
    Adrian P.: 22:54 (sub: 2/3x plate-assisted sls)
    John L.: 18:40 (sub: banded sls)
    Will H.: 22:33 (sub: banded sls)
    Morgan W.: 23:00 (sub: banded sls)
    Dan C.: 21:47 (sub: banded sls)
    Tommy W.: 19:09 (sub: banded sls)
    Aaron B.: 20:16 (sub: banded sls negative, two-foot ascent)
    Miranda B.: 19:09 (sub: 25 calorie bike/run; banded sls, 3/4x strict sit-up)
    Giovanni M.: 18:07 (sub: banded sls)
    Drew P.: 15:17
    Scott: 20:17 (sub: 2/3x pole sls)
    Ralph B.: 17:29 (sub: 2/3x plate-assisted sls)
    John N.: 21:34 (sub: 2/3x banded sls)
    Greg K.: 20:40 (sub: 2/3x plate-assisted sls)
    Kit H.: 14:43 (sub: 55 cal bike, 2/3x banded sls)
    Dave R.: 14:23
    Joe T.: 16:17
    Dave K.: 18:18
    RJ A.: 16:57 (sub: 2/3x banded sls)
    Eric M.: 14:05 (sub: 5/6x banded sls)
    Lisa C.: 17:10 (sub: 2/3x banded sls)
    Bill M.: 17:11 (sub: 2/3x banded sls)
    Yafet A.: 16:37 (sub: 2/3x banded sls, 3/4x burpee)
    Diana G.: 19:15 (sub: 2/3x banded sls)
    Melody F.: 18:05
    Yordano L.: 17:56
    Eduardo S.: 20:34 (sub: banded sls)
    Ryan H.: 18:50 (sub: 20x seated chest pass + 10x rotational toss/side + 30x superman + 15x ring dip + 15x single-leg burpee)
    Chris C.: 13:59
    Tara S.: 15:17
    Candida M.: 16:35 (sub: 2/3x sls)
    Travers O.: 15:53 (sub: plate-assisted sls)
    Elise C.: 16:16
    Sean Mc.: 18:03 (sub: plate-assisted sls)
    Josh M.: 18:05 (35-lbs.; sub: weighted glute bridge)
    Julian M.: 13:22 (sub: squat, 1/2x burpee)
    John P.: 16:23
    Chris T.: 17:56 (sub: band sls)
    Mark Ab.: 19:10 (sub: band sls)
    Seth B.: 19:59 (sub: band sls, 1/2x band sls/15x burpee last round)


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