Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday, May 25, 2018

for time:
1-mile run
100x pull-up
200x pushup
300x squat
1-mile run

Start and finish with a one-mile run. Partition the pull-ups, pushups and squats as needed. If you have a 20-pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Compare results to May 26, 2017.

workout courtesy of

Outside The Box”
for time:
1-mile run
100x *pull*
200x pushup
300x squat
1-mile run

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | May 26, 2018 at 10:17 am

    Amy S.: 44:42 (B)
    Andrew Z.: 44:54 (B)
    Matt H.: 38:40(C)
    Kate H.: 40:32 (C; sub: 1/2x run, jumping pull-up, knee pushup)
    Hari P.: 56:34 (A)
    John L.: 41:42 (D)
    Liz L.: 43:23 (C; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Donal O.: 50:15 (B)
    Dave : 39:38 (B)
    Mark C.: 42:17 (B; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Brady C.: 39:36 (D; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Ralph B.: 50:08 (A)
    Matt W.: 37:51 (A)
    Chris C.: 47:07 (A)
    Peter Mc.: 46:40 (B)
    Denny W.: 40:44(C)
    Jason S.: 45:42 (B)
    Jo C.: 43:44 (C)
    Christopher J.: 39:51 (C)
    Nate R.: 47:25 (E; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Jin D.: 40:45 (D; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Aaron B.: 36:55 (D; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Morgan W.: 46:30 (D; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Tiffany M.: 37:06 (D; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Seth C.: 37:36 (D)
    Travers O.: 41:02 (B)
    JP S.: 41:23 (D)
    Joe T.: 41:57 (A)
    Dan C.: 45:23 (D/C; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Andrew B.: 42:14 (C; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Elise C.: 49:58 (B)
    John P.: 51:33 (A)
    Greg K.: 50:20 (B)
    Tara S.: 51:13 (B)
    Mead O.: 20:00 (E; sub: 4′ bike/side, jumping pull-up, knee pushup)
    John G.: 37:03 (D; sub: 1/2x run)
    Tamra F.: 21:21 (E; sub: 3′ bike/side, strict bodyrow, knee pushup)
    Yafet A.: 34:10 (D; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Lisa C.: 34:44 (D; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Cassie S.: 39:20 (D; sb: 3/5x strict pull-up)
    Melody F.: 48:08 (B)
    Marcus: 48:18 (A)
    Dave R.: 54:21 (A)
    Miranda B.: 38:30 (D; sub: row, ring row, alternating rounds: 20″ plank, 15 hollow rock)
    Kat S.: 46:21 (D; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Thomas R.: 39:32 (C; sub: row)
    Ryan H.: 44:16 (C; sub: row)
    Buffy M.: 47:33 (C; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Jamie Ac.: 34:53 (D; sub: jumping pull-up, knee pushup)
    Joe P.: 50:56 (B)
    Allie R.: 43:26 (C; sub: jumping pull-up, knee pushup)
    Diana G.: 42:06 (D; sub: jumping pull-up, 1060m run)
    Tom G.: 42:00 (E; sub: jumping pull-up, 1060m second run)


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