Monday, June 11, 2018

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  1. MPH | June 13, 2018 at 12:58 pm

    Matthew W.: 7 rounds + 30x du
    Borja G.: 5 rounds + 3x burpee
    Kate H.: 4 rounds, 50 du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    Anna G.: 4 rounds (sub: band strict)
    Charles B.: 5 rounds (sub: 5x du attempt + 2x single under, jumping bar muscle-up)
    Hari P.: 5 rounds + 3x burpee (sub: strict ctb)
    Brady C.: 3 rounds + 3x burpee, 35 du (sub: 1′ max du, strict pull-up)
    Jessica G.: 4 rounds + 5x burpee, 6 du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    Kevin K.: 5 rounds + 15x du (sub: strict ctb/pull-up)
    Luke B.: 5 rounds (sub: strict pull-up)
    Aaron B.: 4 rounds + 3x du, 58 du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    Max M.: 6 rounds (sub: 150m row)
    Walt C.: 4 rounds, 109 du (sub: 1′ max du, 1x bmu attempt + 3x strict ctb)
    Joe R.: 5 rounds, 62 du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    Jason G.: 3 rounds + 5x burpee, 95 du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    JP M.: 5 rounds, 28 du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    Denny W.: 3 rounds + 10x burpee, 72 du, 7 bmu (sub: 1′ max du, bmu attempt)
    Kobie P.: 5 rounds, 88 du (sub: 1′ max du, strict ctb)
    Greg K.: 5 rounds + 2x burpee, 2 bmu (sub: bmu attempt)
    Ralph B.: 5 rounds + 2x du, 1 bmu (sub bmu attempt)
    Drew P.: 7 rounds + 30x du
    Jamie Ac.: 3 rounds + 10x burpee (sub: 1′ du practice, band strict)
    Andrew B.: 5 rounds (sub: band strict)
    Sa’ad: 4 rounds, 18x du (sub: 1′ max du, pull-up)
    Blaine P.: 5 rounds + 1x bmu
    Samuel B.: 4 rounds + 1′, 94 du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    Lisa C.: 5 rounds (sub: 2x su, band strict)
    Buffy M.: 4 rounds + 30″, 107 du (sub: 1′ max du, 2x vertical strict bodyrow)
    John P.: 6 rounds + 27x du (sub: bmu attempt)
    Dave R.: 7 rounds
    Kevin M.: 4 rounds, 41x du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    Bill M.: 4 rounds + 50″, 51x du (sub: 1′ max du, strict pull-up)
    Simon B.: 4 rounds + 40″, 10x du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    Edgar O.: 3 rounds + 3x burpee, 102x du (sub: 1′ max du, band strict)
    Chris C.: 6 rounds + 30x du
    Chris H.: 7 rounds + 10 burpee
    Julian M.: 5 rounds + 30x single under (sub: single under, band strict)
    Allie R.: 6 rounds + 5x du (sub: 1/2x du, band strict)
    Chris P.: 6 rounds (sub: single under, 2x strict)
    Marcus B.: 5 rounds (sub: 2x ctb pull-up/strict pu)
    Dave K.: 5 rounds
    Ryan H.: 5 rounds + 5x burpee (sub: 1/3x bar mu)
    Anna Go.: (sub: 1/6x du, band strict)
    Melody F.: 5 rounds (sub: 2x strict ctb pull-up)
    Adrian G.: 7 rounds, 10x single under (sub: single under, kipping pull-up)
    Mike P.: 4 rounds, 8 burpee (sub: single under, jump to pull-up)
    Andrew Z.: 6 rounds, 4x du (sub: 1x bar muscle up)
    John La.: 4 rounds, 2x pull-up (sub: 2/3x du, strict pull-up)
    Sean Q.: 6 rounds, 1x burpee
    Thomas R.: 6 rounds, 3x burpee (sub: strict ctb pull-up)
    Jesse M.: 5 rounds, 4x du (sub: kipping pull-up)
    Chris T.: 5 rounds, 2x bar muscle up
    Raymond A.: 6 rounds, 2x burpee (sub: single under, kipping pull-up)
    Sergio G.: 5 rounds (sub: 2/3x du, banded strict)
    Elise C.: 5 rounds, 1 pull-up (sub: 2/3x du, ctb pull-up)
    Kim H.: 5 rounds (sub: 2/3x du, banded strict)
    John N.: 4 rounds (sub: ctb pull-up)
    Mark Co.: 6 rounds, 4x burpee (sub: strict ctb pull-up)
    Patrick J.: 6 rounds, 3x burpee (sub: strict ctb pull-up)
    Adrienne V.: 5 rounds, 23x du (sub: kipping pull-up)
    Joe T.: 6 rounds
    Tom G.: 4 rounds, 10x burpee (sub: 20x single under, strict body row)
    Bill G.: 5 rounds, 3x burpee (sub: 2x strict ctb pull-up)
    Liz L.: 5 rounds, 1x burpee (sub: strict pull-up)
    Joya T-D.: 5 rounds, 15x du (sub: strict pull-up)
    Michael Y.: 5 rounds (sub: 2/3x du, ctb pull-up)
    Rachel B.: 6 rounds, 8x burpee (sub: 20x du, kipping pull-up)
    Kat S.: 6 rounds, 1x pull-up (sub: 1/3x du, strict pull-up)
    Sean Mc.: 5 rounds, 30x du
    Francisco L.: 6 rounds, 28x du (sub: ctb pull-up)
    Jared F.: 3 rounds, 6x burpee (sub: ctb pull-up)


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