Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday, June 25, 2018

A New England State of Mind
in teams of two, for time:
300x double under
20x power snatch @ 135/95-lbs.
40x overhead squat
20x power snatch
30x overhead squat
20x power snatch
20x overhead squat
12x legless rope climb, 12-ft. (standing start)

Happy Birthday, Coach Mike H.!

Outside The Box”
for time:
300x tuck jump
20x standing long jump
40x single-leg squat (alternating, total)
20x standing long jump
30x single-leg squat
20x standing long jump
10x single-leg squat
24x *pull*

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | June 26, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    “To The Ascent”: 23:07
    John L.: (85-lbs.; sub: rope climb, any way)
    Kevin K.: (85-lbs.)

    “Hanging On For Dear Life”: 23:43, 140x du
    Kate H.: (65-lbs.; sub: rope climb, standing)
    Collin S.: (65-lbs.)

    “Oh My Gosh”: 24:29
    Hari P.: (105-lbs.)
    Borja G.: (105-lbs.)
    Max M.: (105-lbs.)

    “Team DT”: 19:55
    Denny W.: (85-lbs.; sub: legless w wrap)
    Thomas R. (75-lbs.; sub: legless w wrap)

    “KobWal”: 22:09, 186x du
    Kobie P.: (75-lbs.)
    Walt C.: (75-lbs.; sub: rope climb, any way)

    “Tall and Blonde”: 22:36, 42x du
    Morgan W.: (65-lbs.; sub: 15x supine)
    Daniel D.: (65-lbs.; sub: 15x supine)

    “Team Not Team Heenan”: 24:19
    Sean F.: (105-lbs.)
    Chase H.: (105-lbs.)

    “Jin Is The Best”: 25:10, 200x du
    Jin D.: (65-lbs.; sub: rope climb, standing)
    Tommy W.: (75-lbs.; sub: rope climb, standing)

    “Little Giants”: 25:39, 125x du
    Aaron B.: (75-lbs.; sub: rope climb, standing)
    Jerry I.: (75-lbs.; sub: rope climb, standing)

    “BeCa”: 25:49, 126x du
    Candida M.: (45-lbs.; sub: rope climb, jumping)
    Beth K.: (45-lbs.; sub: rope climb, standing)

    “Dratthew: 17:28
    Drew P.: Rx
    Matthew W.: Rx

    “Grassie”: 18:03
    Cassie S.: (75-lbs.; sub: rope climb, standing)
    Greg K.: (75-lbs.; sub: hang power snatch)

    “Blink Abmition”: 18:47
    JP S.: (95-lbs.; sub: 2x supine per legless)
    Ralph B.: (95-lbs.)

    “Naked And Afraid”: 21:25, 150x du
    Andrew B.: (45-lbs.; sub rope climb, standing)
    Julian M.: (45-lbs.; sub: front squat, supine)

    “Tamread”: 15:06 (sub: 100x rotational toss, 3 rounds: 20x power snatch, 20x overhead squat, then 12x supine)
    Tamra F.: (45-lbs., 35-lbs.)
    Mead O.: (35-lbs., 25-lb. db; sub: goblet squat)

    “School House Rock”: 21:32
    John P.: (115-lbs.)
    Dave R.: Rx

    “DC Squatters”: 17:44, 101x du
    Buffy M.: (20-lb. dbs; sub: power clean, front squat, 4x strict bodyrow per climb)
    Bill M.: (30-lb. dbs; sub: power clean, front squat, 2x strict pul-up per climb)

    “Simon Yafet”: 22:18, 140x du
    Yafet A.: (55-lbs.; sub: front squat, 15x supine)
    Simon B.: (55-lbs.; sub: 15x supine)

    “Blondes Do It Better”: 22:40, 50x du
    Anna Go.: (45-lbs.; sub: 20x supine)
    Grace K: (45-lbs. sub: 20x supine

    “Manage a tois”: 22:08, 260x du
    Kevin M.: (65-lbs.; sub: rope climb, standing start)
    Dave K.: (85-lbs.)
    RJ A.: (65-lbs.; sub: legless/strict pull-up)

    “Birthday Suit”: 24:12
    Michael H.: (115-lbs.)
    Andrew Z.: (115-lbs.)

    “Alex Guererro” 24:00
    Chris C.:
    Donal O.: (sub: power clean, front squat)

    “Charlie Work”: 199x du
    Charlie K.: (85-lbs.)
    James W.: (85-lbs.; sub: 5 jump to rope pull-up)

    22:23, 85x du
    John La.: (65-lbs.)
    Jamie Ac.: (30-lbs.; sub: double under practice)
    Josh B.: (85-lbs.; sub: 5′ max bike, prom rope climb)

    “The City Sports Boston Team” 22:02
    Graham H-D.: (35-lbs.; sub: double under practice, rope climb)
    Dan C.: (65-lbs.; sub: double under practice, rope climb)

    “Double Duo” 20:58, 140x du
    Holmes H.: (45-lbs.; sub: rope climb, standing start)
    Kim H.: (35-lbs.; sub: rope climb, seat to stand)

    “LizYLise” 19:19, 260x du
    Liz L.: (55-lbs.; rope climb, standing start)
    Elise C.: (75-lbs.; rope climb, standing start)

    “VIVA” 20:33
    Peter M. (85-lbs.; sub 2x ctb pull-up)
    Francisco L.: (85-lbs.; sub: rope climb)

    “Team 1846” 18:46, 100x du
    Andy G.: (85-lbs.; seat to stand)
    Sergio L.: (85-lbs.)

    “Team Rainbros” 23:58
    Amos C.:
    Ryan H.: (85-lbs.)

    “Calm AF” 23:20
    Josh M.: (105-lbs)
    Melody F.:

    “60’s Sisters” 22:37
    Tara C. (60-lbs.; prom legless)
    Adrienne V.: (60-lbs.; rope climb, standing start)

    “Team I Quit” 25:13, 271x du
    Jarod F.: (115lbs.)
    Joe P.:

    “Team We are Tired” 24:58 150x du
    Seth B.: (85-lbs.)
    Michael Y.: (65-lbs.)

    “Flower Power” 21:22, 212x du
    Patrick J.: (85-lbs.; sub: prom legless)
    Lilli S.: (35-lbs.; seat to stand)

    “Little Weapon” 21:30
    Yasmine B.: (25-lbs.; double under practice, seat to stand)
    Kate G.: (25-lbs.; double under practice, seat to stand)

    “Always Ready” 25:09, 30x du
    Matt K.: (35-lbs.; seat to stand)
    Gabriel F.: (35-lbs.; seat to stand)

    “Hero” 22:50 80x du
    Hiro J.: (45-lbs.; double under practice, seat to stand)
    Mike P.: (45-lbs.; double under practice, seat to stand)


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