Turbo Saturday, September 15, 2018

CrossFit MPH – WOD


--Workout #2 Scores--
"And Then There Were Two': 25:28
Chris C.: Rx
Chase H.: Rx

"Team Balls & Walls": 28:11
Brad G.: Rx
John La.: (9-ft.; sub: pull-up)

"Team Spry": 31:39
Ross B.: (sub: jumping pull-up)
Sean I.: (sub: row, pull-up)

"Team #Hashtag": 32:38
Ben P.: (sub: pull-up)
Seth B.: (sub: jumping pull-up)

"Teal Jin Bucket": 29:52
Jin D.: (9-ft.; sub: jumping pull-up)
Kat S.: (sub: jumping pull-up)

"Team A Squared": 29:05
Alli P.: (10-lbs., 9-ft.; sub: pull-up/jumping pull-up)
Allie R.: (10-lbs., 9-ft.; sub: jumping pull-up)

"Team RJCL": 35:42
Carl L.: (sub: pull-up)
RJ A.: (sub: pull-up)

"Team "FDA": 30:08
Andrew Z.: Rx
Mark Ab.: Rx

"Team Misc": 28:20
Dustin: (sub: 2x strict bodyrow per pull-up)
Patrick M.: (sub: strict pull-up)
James R.: (sub: strict pull-up)

"Blonde Squad": 30:03
Amy S.: Rx
Elise C.: Rx
Paige: (sub: pull-up)

"Old Guard": 34:50
Mark Co.: Rx
Bill G.: Rx

"Team JJCT": 29:29
Chris T.: Rx
Joe T.: Rx

"Low and Slow": 34:02
Patrick J.: (sub: pull-up)
Seth C.: (sub: pull-up)

"Of Mike": 35:22
Charlie K.: Rx
Denny W.: Rx

"Team Tired": 37:13
Simon B.: (14-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up)
Daniel D.: (14-lbs.; sub: row, jumping pull-up, step-up)

"Team BAB": 36:16
Buffy M.: (10-lbs., 9-ft.; sub: jumping pull-up)
Adrienne V.: (sub: pull-up)
Beth K.: (10-lbs.; sub: pull-up)

"The slO Gs": 26:35
Alissa G.: (10-lbs.; sub: 1/2x run, strict bodyrow)
Rebekka E.: (10-lbs., 9-ft.; sub: 1/2x run, strict bodyrow)

"Team Rogue": 24:35
Dave R.: (sub: row)
Sean F.: Rx

"PBH": 2702
Peter Mc.: Rx
Borja G.: Rx
Hari P.: Rx

"More Protein, Less Vodka": 31:37
John L.: (sub: pull-up)
Kevin K.: (sub: pull-up, pushup)

"T Squared": ??
Thomas R.: (sub: row, step-up)
Teal B.: (sub: row, jumping pull-up, step-up)

"CC": 34:59
Charles B.: (sub: ctb/pull-up)
Collin S.: (sub: pull-up)

"Drop-In": 24:42
Aaron B.: (sub: jumping pull-up)
Steve: Rx

"The Tortoise & The Hare": 33:36
Lauren M.: (8-ft.; sub: jumping pull-up)
Kate H.: (9-ft.; sub: jumping pull-up)

"Team DKL": 32:00
AJ: (10-lbs., 8-ft.; sub: row, strict bodyrow, burpee, 1/2x prom sb, step-up, 14")
Julie: (10-lbs., 8-ft.; sub: strict bodyrow, burpee, 1/2x wb, step-up, 14")

--Workout #1 Scores--
Charles B.: 150-lbs.
Collin S.: 125-lbs.
Chris T.: 175-lbs.
Joe T.: 175-lbs.
Patrick J.: 135-lbs.
Charlie K.: 130-lbs.
Seth C.: 130-lbs.
Simon B.: 115-lbs.
Denny W.: 150-lbs.
Seth B.: 165-lbs.
Ben P.: 155-lbs.
RJ A.: 120-lbs.
Carl L.: 150-lbs.
John La.: 135-lbs.
Brad G.: 105-lbs.
Elise C.: 115-lbs.
Amy S.: 115-lbs.
Paige: 130-lbs.
Jin D.: 95-lbs.
Kat S.: 120-lbs.
Dave R.: 190-lbs.
Borja G.: 175-lbs.
Peter Mc.: 160-lbs.
Hari P.: 185-lbs.
John L.; 160-lbs.
Kevin K.: 135-lbs. (sub: push press from rack)
Bill G.: 185-lbs.
Alissa G.: 85-lbs.
Rebekka E.: 115-lbs. (sub: front squat)
Buffy M.: 80-lbs.
Adrienne V.: 105-lbs.
Daniel D.: 105-lbs. (sub: push press)
Beth K.: 65-lbs.
Sean F.: ??
Ross B.: 115-lbs.
Sean I.: 115-lbs.
Chris C.: 200-lbs.
Chase H.: 150-lbs.
Mark Ab.: 185-lbs.
Andrew Z.: 165-lbs.
Dustin: 135-lbs.
Allie R.: 100-lbs.
Alli P.: 55-lbs.