Wednesday, October 31, 2018

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  1. MPH | November 1, 2018 at 6:55 am

    “Sweet Like M&M’s”: 35:46
    Marcus B.: (90-lbs.)
    Melody F.:

    “TRIO”: 31:25
    Kevin K.: (70-lbs.; sub: rope climb)
    Ryan: (80-lbs. clean, 70-lbs. thruster, rope climb)
    Collin S.: (70-lbs.; sub: bike)

    “House of de Sade”: 34:40
    Adrian A.: (70-lbs.; sub: supine rope climb)
    Jason O.: (90-lbs.)

    “Yoshi & Gumby”: 29:51
    Sean F.: (90-lbs.)
    Chase H.: (90-lbs.)

    “WTF Bois”: 31:27
    Ben P.: (80-lbs.)
    Sean Q.: (80-lbs.)

    “Double Tap”: 28:23
    Aaron B.: (70-lbs; sub: single-arm thruster, rope climb)
    Walt C.: (70-lbs.; sub: rope climb)

    “Momo Fuk-this!”: 35:59
    Lauren P.: (40-lbs.; sub: rope climb)
    Adrian P.: (80-lbs.; sub: rope climb)

    “Father Knows Best”: 32:23
    Will H.: (60-lbs.; sub: rope climb)
    Tommy H.: (60-lbs.; sub: rope climb)

    Penny W.: 29:35 (60-lb. clean, 50-lb. thruster; sub: 2x supine rope climb)

    Tamra F.: 22:26 (30-lbs.; sub: 3/5x clean, 3/5x thruster, supine rope climb, 5′ bike)

    “The Dezso’s”: 22:34
    Diana D.: (30-lbs.; sub: 3/5x clean, 3/5x thruster, supine rope climb, 5′ bike)
    Cristian D.: (30-lbs.; sub: 3/5x clean, 3/5x thruster, supine rope climb, 5′ bike)

    “Jock Jamz”: 31:07
    Andrew Z.: (45-lb. dbs, 35-lb. dbs)
    Josh M.: (45-lb. dbs, 35-lb. dbs; sub: final climb regular rope climb)

    “Cops and Robbers”: 27:59
    Joel P.: (25-lb. dbs; sub: 2x supine rope climb, row/bike cals)
    Brad G.: (30-lb. dbs)

    “Charlie’s Angels”: 34:12
    Rita (30-lb. dbs; sub: 2x supine rope climb, 2/3 mile run)
    Lisa C.: (25-lb. dbs; sub: rope climb)
    Buffy M.: (20-lb. dbs; 50-lb. carry, 50 strict bodyrow)

    “Utterly Fit”: 28:34
    Andrew B.: (60-lbs., 40-lbs.; sub: rope climb)
    Will O.: (70-lbs.)

    “The O.G.’s”: 30:51
    James C.: (90-lbs.)
    Joe T.: (90-lbs.)

    “Team Blue”: 36:42
    Sergio L.: (60-lbs.; sub: 2x supine rope climb)
    RJ A.: (60-lbs.; sub: rope climb)

    “Team Buckeyes”: 31:55
    Thomas R.: (80-lbs.; sub: power clean, clean and jerk, row/bike cals)
    Max M.: (80-lbs.)

    Breezy”: 25:43
    Drew P.: (70-lbs.)
    Alex M.: (70-lbs.)

    “Rainbow Brights”: 27:36
    Joya TD.: (40-lbs.; sub: legless/rope climb)
    Eduardo S.: (50-lbs.; sub: rope climb)

    “MM4L”: 32:42
    Tara S.: (sub: rope climb)
    Elise C.: (sub: rope climb)

    “Where’s Mario”: 29:50
    John La.: (60-lbs.; sub: legless/rope climb)
    Francisco L.: (60-lbs.)

    “Deck’n Zombies”: 29:12
    Anna Go.: (40-lbs.; sub: rope climb)
    Katie G.: (40-lbs.; sub: supine rope climb)
    Shari F.: 20-lbs.; sub: power clean, knee pushup, 1000m row)

    “Halloween Haterz”: 30:55
    Allie R.: (50-lbs.; sub: rope climb)
    Ashley: (50-lbs.; sub: 2x supine)

    Matthew W.: 26:06 (70-lbs.; sub: hang power clean + reverse lunge)

    “Wonder Onsie”: 27:36
    Beth K.: (20-lbs.; sub: hang muscle clean, push press, rope climb, 800m run)
    Alexis P.: (20-lbs.; sub: supine, 800m row)

    “Team Robin Hood”: 32:14
    Peter Mc.: (80-lbs.)
    Chris C.: Rx

    “Camp Colorado”: 30:31
    Michelle: (sub: rope climb)
    Sean Mc.: (70-lbs.)

    “Toph and Chunk”: 27:12
    Charlie S.: (50-lbs.)
    Christopher J.: (50-lbs.; sub: rope climb)

    “It’s Adrienne’s Birthday”: 33:29
    Kat S.: (60-lbs.; sub: rope climb)
    Adrienne V.: (50-lbs.; sub: rope climb)

    “We Are Negan”: 34:38
    Jack M.: (40-lbs.; sub: supine)
    Matt K.: (40-lbs.; sub: 2x strict bodyrow)

    “Tri-Pod”: 36:40
    Christian M.: (70-lbs.; sub: power clean, push press)
    Seth B.: (70-lbs.; sub: rope climb)
    Jarod F.: (70-lbs.; sub: rope climb)

    “Old Guard”: 33:06
    Bill G.: (100-lbs.; sub: 2x strict pull-up)
    Mark Co.: (80-lbs.; sub: rope climb)


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