Saturday, January 5, 2019

Saturday, January 5, 2019

In teams of two, 20 one-minute rounds, alternating partners every other minute: max thruster @ 135/95-lbs. At the top of each minute, both partners must each complete 5x burpee, before one moves to the thruster bar. The other partner rests for the remainder of the minute. This workout is scored by the total thrusters completed by both partners across all 20 rounds.

Compare results to September 9, 2017.

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  1. MPH | January 5, 2019 at 6:30 pm


    “Team Sad Face New Year”: 90
    Dave R.:
    Zach D.: (105-lbs.)

    “You Make Me Look Good”: 103
    Chase H.: (115-lbs.)
    Andrew Z.: (115-lbs.)

    “Thurpee Thruple”: 155
    Kevin K.: (85-lbs.)
    Aaron B.: (85-lbs.)
    Will O.: (105-lbs.)

    “CJ”: 118
    Collin S.:
    John La.:

    “18 rounds”: 112
    Kate H.: (55-lbs.)
    Anna G.: (50-lbs.)

    “JAD”: 194
    Jon K.: (65-lbs.)
    Diana G.: (70-lbs.; sub: front squat, step-up, 20″)
    Andy G.: (75-lbs.)

    “Donkey Kong”: 110
    Drew P.: (115-lbs.)
    Kat S.: (80-lbs.)

    “Joyanna”: 117
    Anna Go.: (55-lbs.; sub: 4x burpee)
    Joya TD.: (55-lbs.)

    “Team Feldman”: 118
    Melody F.:
    Zach F.: (95-lbs.)

    “MM4L”: 108
    Elise C.:
    Tara C.: (65-lbs.)

    “Pretty Stealth”: 130
    Ben P.: (115-lbs.)
    Peter Mc.: (115-lbs.)

    “MARA”: 126
    Mark Ab.:
    Ralph B.: (sub: front squat, 3x burpee)

    “J²”: 122
    RJ A.: (65-lbs.)
    Jason Y.: (65-lbs.)

    “Thruster Blues”: 121
    Chris C.:
    Chris H.:

    Team ?: ?
    Anu B.: (105-lbs.)
    Max M.: (30-lb. dbs.)

    “Long Winter Break”: 88
    Junius C.: (75-lbs.; sub: 3x burpee)
    Kevin M.: (75-lbs.; sub: 3x burpee)

    “Old Guard”: 117
    Bill G.: (115-lbs.)
    Mark Co.: (115-lbs.)

    “We Did That”: 105
    Sergio L.: (75-lbs.)
    Tommy W.: (75-lbs.)

    “Triple Threat”: 219
    Patrick J.: (85-lbs.)
    Ryan A.: (85-lbs.)
    Josh M.: (35-lb. dbs; sub: db push press)

    “Euclid Beast”: 126
    Charlie K.: (85-lbs.)
    Francisco L.: (85-lbs.)

    “We Survived”: 85
    Jarod F.: (95-lbs.: sub: 3x burpee)
    Seth B.: (95-lbs.)

    “Breathless: 88
    Seth C.: (75-lbs.)
    Joel P.: (75-lbs.)

    “Team Tori”: 120
    Adrienne V.: (65-lbs.)
    Tori F.: (33-lbs.)

    “Wisconsin”: 67
    Aron S.: (45-lbs.; sub: 3x burpee)
    Gabriel F.: (45-lbs.)


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