Friday, May 24, 2019

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  1. MPH | May 25, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    Amy S.: 34:45 (C; sub: 50 calorie bike)
    Borja G.: 49:11 (A)
    Al C.: 43:30 (B)
    Matt H.: 39:11 (C; sub: body row)
    Anna G.: 45:07 (C; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Kate H.: 45:15 (D; sub: jumping pull-up, knee pushup)
    Aaron B.: 46:11 (C; sub: jumping pull-up, pushup/knee pushup)
    Brian F.: 44:36 (D; sub: jumping pull-up; pushup/knee pushup)
    Sean F.: 41:43 (A/B)
    Chase H.: 46:49 (A)
    Francisco L.: 39:52 (B)
    Andrew Z.: 43:44 (B)
    Jason S.: 46:45 (C)
    Aron S.: 46:30 (D; sub: pushup/knee pushup)
    Miranda B.: 43:14 (C; sub: 50 calorie bike, jumping pull-up, knee pushup)
    Rebekka E.: 32:05 (E; sub: body row, incline push-up, 6-6-10)
    Alissa G.: 29:35 (D; sub: 3/5x strict pull-up, pushup for 5 rounds, glute bridge for 5 rounds)
    Chris C.: 27:50 (sub: 4 rounds: 3x strict pull-up + 10x cob hold + 3x strict hspu + 15″ hs hold + 15x glute bridge + 5x sbr + 10″ sbr hold + 10x pushup + 30″ + 15x glute bridge + 10x renegade row w 25-lb. dbs + 3x ring dip + 10″ ring support hold + 15x glute bridge then, 2 rounds: with no glute bridge)
    Stephen K.: 42:43 (C)
    Joe T.: 43:16 (A)
    Joya TD.: 48:18 (C)
    Chris H.: 48:07 (10 rounds A, 10 rounds B)
    Andrew B.: 47:06 (C)
    Ralph B.: 46:40 (B; sub: alt rounds strict/kipping, sit-up/glute brdige)
    Tara S.: 50:21 (B)
    Mead O.: 28:20 (E; sub: 1/3x run/2/3x run, strict bodyrow, knee pushup)
    Christopher: 28:02 (E; sub: strict bodyrow, 2/3x run)
    Kate G.: 32:56 (E)
    Alana L.: 28:24 (E; sub: strict pull-up/strict bodyrow, 2/3x run, 1/3x run)
    Matt K.: 37:14 (D)
    Bill M.: 39:27 (D)
    Josh M.: 44:52 (B)
    Will O.: 39:17 (C)
    Charlie S.: 41:34 (C)
    Lisa C.: 42:00 (C; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Kevin M.: 39:01 (D; sub: jumping pull-up, 2/3x run, 1/3x )
    Simon B.: 41:40 (D; sub: pull-up/jumping pull-up, 3/3x run, 1/3x run)
    Sergio L.: 45:06 (D; sub: jumping pull-up, pushup/knee pushup, 2/3x)
    Allie R.: 40:44 (C; sub: jumping pull-up, pushup/knee pushup)
    Katie G.: 41:46 (C; sub: jumping pull-up, knee pushup)
    Seth B.: 43:09 (D; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Seth C.: 49:42 (C)
    Tery A.: 37:15(E; sub: ring row, knee pushup)
    Cristian D.: 42:03 (D)
    Gabe F.: 46:15 (C; sub: jumping pull-up)
    John La.: 45:19 (C)
    Bill G.: 39:20 (B; sub; 50-cal bike, situp)
    Daniel D.: 52:33 (C)
    Dan C.: 49:31 (C)
    Buffy M.: 37:29 (D; sub: ring row, situp)
    Adrienne V.: 43:31 (D; sub: 1/2 knee pushup)
    Zach F.: 36:07 (C)
    Tarek K.: 45:48 (D; sub: jumping pull-up, pushup/knee pushup)
    Luke B.: 39:21 (C)
    Beth K.: 47:09 (C; sub: knee pushup)


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