Friday, June 21 , 2019

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  1. MPH | June 22, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    Aaron B.: 20:42 (sub: atomic, jumping pull-up)
    Alex M.: 20:25 (35-lb. dbs; sub: db push press, 20-cal bike)
    Alli P.: 21:38 (sub: 2/3x hspu, 2/3x pull-up)
    Andrew Z.: 22:33
    Charles B.: 25:13, 37 (sub: 2/3x strict hspu + supplement w kipping/atomic)
    Hari P.: 26:29 (sub: 2/3x hspu)
    Matt H.: 23:28 (sub: 1/3x prom/2/3x atomic, 2/3x band)
    Al C.: 24:35
    Francisco L.: 23:49 (sub: 14/14/7/7 hspu)
    Walt C.: 27:55 (sub: 14/14/7/7 hspu to abmat)
    David: 24:40 (sub: 2/3x prom hspu, 2/3x pull-up)
    Jason S.: 25:28 (sub: atomic, 2/3x pull-up)
    Will H.: 28:39 (sub: atomic, 2/3x pull-up, 20-cal bike)
    Dave R.: 16:35 (sub: 20-cal bike)
    Kate G.: 18:51 (sub: 1/3x strict hspu, 1/3x pull-up)
    Chase H.: 19:48 (sub: 2/3x hspu)
    Andrew B.: 19:54 (sub: 2/3x prom hspu, 2/3x pull-up)
    Simon B.: 20:54 (sub: 1/3x prom hspu, 1/3x pull-up, 3 rounds)
    John N.: 24:20 (sub: atomic, 2/3x pull-up [2/3x atomic, 1/3x pull-up, last round)
    Michael Fo.: 23:40 (sub: 2/3x atomic, jumping pull-up)
    Michael H.: 20:21
    Hirofumi J.: 24:10 (sub: atomic, jumping pull-up)
    Stephen K.: 22:30 (3 rounds)
    Mead O.: 11:58 (sub: 100m run to start, 2/3x strict bodyrow, 5x burpee)
    Lisa C.: 20:02 (sub: 2/3x atomic, jumping pull-up)
    Drew P.: 20:12
    Allie P.: 22:07 (sub: 2/3x atomic, jumping pull-up)
    Henry T.: 22:30 (sub: 2/3x atomic, jumping pull-up)
    Tarek K.: 26:45 (sub: 2/3x prom hspu, jumping pull-up)
    Patrick J.: 26:55 (sub: 2/3x hspu, 2/3x pull-up)
    Josh M.: 21:11
    Mark Co.: 21:21 (2/3 hspu, 3 rounds)
    Charlie K.: 21:22 (sub: 2/3x hspu, 2/3x pull-up)
    Joe T.: 23:41 (2/3x hspu)
    John S.: 23:11 (sub: push press 30-lbs.)
    Gabriel F.: 21:28 (sub:atomic, 1/3x pull-up)
    Mary A.: 20:55 (sub: push press, jumping pull-up)
    Matthew R.: 23:24 (sub: 2 rds atomic/2 rds push press 15-lbs., jumping pull-up)
    Aron S.: 21:21 (sub: atomic, 2/3x pull-up)
    Seth C.: 24:49 (sub: atomic)


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