Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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  1. MPH | July 17, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    Al C. & Aaron B.: 10017m
    Zach D. & Anna G.: 9633m
    Borja G. & Matt H.: 9708m
    Charles B. & Hari P.: 9263m
    Sean F.: & Amy S.: 9882m
    Walt C.: & David C.: 8650m
    Morgan W. & Tommy W.: 9338m
    Adrian P. & Jerry I.: 9813m
    Dave R. & Melody F.: 10336m
    Rebekka E.: 3718m (sub: solo row; rest exact time of previous row)
    Lisa C. & Adriana B.: 9061m
    Cristian D. & Simon B.: 8913m
    Andrew B. & Stephen K.: 8945m
    Peter Mc. & Bill G.: 5122m, 291cal (Bill sub: bike for cal)
    Drew P.: & Ralph B.: 10372m
    Alli P. & Joya TD.: 8802m
    Miranda B. & Katie G.: 7934m
    Chris P. & John S.: 9664m
    Chris H. & Josh M.: 9834m
    RJ A. & Tara S.: 9146m
    Sergio L. & Julian M.: 9306m
    James W.: & Seth C.: 9240m
    Joe T.: & Charlie S.: 10062m
    Dan C.: & Francisco L.: 9741m
    Shari F.:(sub: 40′ EMOM: 10x squat, 7x strict bodyrow, 7x inc pushup, 10x lunge, 1′ rest)
    Patrick J. & Mark Co.: 9190m
    Lily S. & Aron S.: 8938m


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