Saturday, July 20, 2019

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  1. MPH | July 20, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Terry A.: 10:58 (40-lbs.; sub: 2/3x kneeling atomic)
    Josh M.: 10:29 (95-lbs., 40-lb. dbs; sub: push press)
    Alex M.: 9:50 (135-lbs.; sub: hang power clean, push press)
    Miranda B.: 12:51 (75-lbs.; sub: 2/3x prom)
    Dave R.: 17:13
    Charles B.: 16:56 (135-lbs.; sub: 1/3x strict hspu)
    Buffy M.: 14:30 (65-lbs.; sub: kneeling atomic)
    Hari P.: 14:53 (155-lbs.)
    Zach D.: 10:52 (30-lb. dbs.; sub: 1.5x push press)
    Zach F.: 15:38 (145-lbs.; sub: 21-11-7 prom)
    Rebekka E.: 9:06 (85-lbs., 20-lb.dbs.; sub: push press)
    Josh .: 15:30 (115-lbs.; sub: 2/3x prom)
    Katie G.: 13:12 (85-lbs.; sub: 2/3x strict prom)
    Tommy W.: 14:42 (115-lbs.; sub: 2/3x prom)
    Chris C.: 9:27 (25-lb. dbs; sub: 1.5x lunge jump)
    Sean F.: 14:53 (135-lbs.)
    Al C.: 12:48 (155-lbs.)
    Yao Z.: 13:00 (85-lbs.; sub: kneeling atomic)
    Amy S.: 13:17 (sub: 2/3x hspu)
    Tara S.: 14:54 (95-lbs.; sub: 2/3x hspu (20 reps to 2″ def)
    John S.: 12:27 (95-lbs., 35-lb. dbs; sub: push press)
    Luke B.: 13:24 (115-lbs.; sub: 2/3x prom)
    Andy G.: 10:12 (115-lbs.; sub: kneeling atomic)
    Jon K.: 13:48 (95-lbs.; sub: 2/3x kneeling atomic)
    Brian F.: 11:15 (75-lbs.; sub: 2/3x atomic)
    Rafa C.: 12:35 (85-lbs.; sub 2/3x atomic)
    Matt M.: 14:59 (135-lbs.; sub: 2/3x hspu)
    Carl L.: 13:16 (115-lbs., 35-lb. dbs; sub: 1.5x push press)
    Lorelle C.: 10:51 (60-lbs.; sub: 2/3x kneeling atomic)
    Seth B.:14:33 (115-lbs.; sub 2/3x prom)
    Seth C.: 12:21 (115-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Dan C.: 11:09 (115-lbs.; sub: 2/3x prom)
    Bill G.: 15:21 (sub: strict hspu)
    Francisco L.: 12:49 (135-lbs.; sub: 2/3x hspu)
    Gabrielle F.: 11:38 (85-lbs.; sub: atomic)
    Chris T.: 18:38 (135-lbs.)


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