Friday, December 20, 2019

Friday, December 20, 2019

as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
5x power snatch @ 155/105-lbs.
10x single-leg squat (alternating, total)
10x chest-to-bar pull-up

Today’s Common Scaling Options:
+Power snatch: reduce load, hang, clean variation
+Single-leg squat: plate/band assisted, reduce range of motion, squat
+Chest-to-bar pull-up: rx, fraction, pull-up, challenging pull-up variation

(Your coach will talk to you about additional scaling options not already listed)

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  1. MPH | December 22, 2019 at 11:48 am

    Aaron B.: 5 rounds + 2x ps (100-lbs., 20-lb. mb; sub mb step-up)
    Andrew Z.: 4 rounds + 5x ctb (125-lbs.; sub: squat to med ball)
    Alex M.: 6 rounds + 2x pull-up (95-lbs., 35-lb. dbs; sub: hang power snatch, goblet squat, pull-up)
    Borja G.: 5 rounds + 3x ps (105-lbs.)
    Al C.: 4 rounds + 2x ps (130-lbs.)
    Sean F.: 7 rounds (105-lbs.)
    Will H.: 5 rounds (75-lbs., 20-lb. mb; sub: mb step-up, 1/2x pull-up)
    Rich H.: 5 rounds + 5x ps (115-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
    Sean Q.: 5 round + 9x ctb
    Adrian P.: 4 rounds + 7x sls (95-lbs.; sub: band sls, pull-up)
    Chase H.: 4 rounds + 3x sls (95-lbs.; sub: plate sls)
    Drew P.: 4 rounds + 1x ctb
    Ralph B.: 6 rounds + 3x power snatch (95-lbs.; sub: band sls, pull-up)
    Chris C.: 6 rounds (50-lb. db; sub: 2x sa hang power snatch)
    Alex D.: 5 rounds + 4x power snatch (50-lbs.; sub: prom band sls, jumping pull-up)
    Alexa: 5 rounds + 5x power snatch (95-lbs.; sub: strict band ctb)
    Chris H.: 6 rounds + 3x ps
    Tara S.: 6 round s+ 1x ps (65-lbs.)
    Joya TD.: 5 rounds + 5x pull-up (65-lbs.; sub: 1/2x ctb + 1/2x pull-up)
    Rita S.: 5 rounds (85-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up, band sls negative)
    Dave R.: 6 rounds
    Andy M.: 5 rounds + 10x sls (115-lbs.; sub: band sls, pull-up)
    Brian F.: 5 rounds + 2x sls (75-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up, band sls)
    Kate G.: 6 rounds + 3x ps (65-lbs.; sub: plate sls, pull-up)
    Bill G.: 5 rounds + 2x ps (135-lbs.)
    Alli P.: 6 rounds (65-lbs.)
    Henry T.: 4 rounds + 5x sls (75-lbs.; sub: band sls, pull-up)
    Lisa C.: 6 round + 2x pc (78-lbs.; sub: power clean, band sls, jumping pull-up)
    Diana D.: 5 rounds + 4x ps (45-lbs.; sub: band sls, jumping pull-up)
    Josh M.: 5 rounds + 5 snatch (105-lbs.)
    Katie G.: 5 rounds + 5 snatch (55-lbs.; sub: band sls, 1/2x pull-up)
    Adrienne V.: 4 rounds + 4 sls (65-lbs.; sub: plate sls, 1/2x pull-up)
    Matthew R.: 4 rounds + 5 pull-up (75-lbs.; sub: band sls, banded pull-up)
    Terry A.: 7 rounds + 8 body-row (75-lbs.; sub deadlift, prm squat, body row)
    Colin So.: 5 rounds + 1 snatch (85-lbs.; sub: band sls, banded pull-up)
    John S.: 5 rounds (95-lbs.; sub: band sls)
    Simon B.: 5 rounds + 6 sls (40-lb. dbs.; sub: single arm snatch, banded sls, pull-up)
    Gabriel F.: 5 rounds + 6 sls (105-lbs.; sub: pull-up)


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