Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturday, December 21, 2019

in teams of two, five rounds for time:
50x wall ball @ 20/14-lbs., 10/9-ft target
50x box jump*, 24/20″ platform

*One partner must hold dumbbells in hands by the hips while the other partner completes box jumps. Carry weight is 90/60-lbs.

Today’s Common Scaling Options:
+Wall ball: reduce load, reduce height, reduce reps, arms only, squat jump
+Box jump: reduce height, reduce reps, step-up
+Dumbbell hold: reduce load

(Your coach will talk to you about additional scaling options not already listed)

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  1. MPH | December 22, 2019 at 11:47 am


    “Masters Division”: 19:16
    Borja G.: Rx
    Dave R.: Rx

    “Claxer”: 21:39
    Al C.: Rx
    Andrew Z.: Rx

    “Team Alli-Kat”
    Alli P.: Rx
    Kate G.: Rx

    “Double A”:23:47
    Aaron B.: Rx
    Alex M.: Rx

    “Soccer Moms”: 25:20
    Lisa C.: (10-lbs.)
    Buffy M.: (10-lbs.; sub: prom wb, step-up)

    “Al’s Cheer Squad”
    Chris C.: Rx
    Jason O.: Rx

    “The Breeziest”
    BK E.: (10-lbs.; 1 rd. @ 20″, 4 rds. @ 12″)
    Tara S.: Rx

    “Red & Black”
    Henry T.: (60-lbs.)
    Katie G.: (sub: jumping squats w/ 14-lb wb)

    “MPH Oldies Still Got It”: 18:19
    Sean F.: Rx
    Josh M.: Rx

    “Al’s Left Pec”: 19:43
    Sean Q.: Rx
    Rich H.: Rx

    “Al’s Shirtless Abs”: 21:45
    Chris H.: Rx
    John S.: Rx

    “Al’s The Best”: 22:09
    Joya TD.: Rx
    Andrew B.: (14-lbs., 60-lbs.)

    “Break A Leg”: 22:43
    Will H.: (10-lbs., 60-lbs.; sub: prom wb + box jump 20″ rounds 1/3/5, seated wb + step-up, 20″ round 2/4)
    John La.: (10-lbs., 60-lbs.; sub: seated wall ball, strict sit-up)

    “The Caboose”: 23:46
    Luke B.: (14-lbs., 60-lbs.)
    David C.: (14-lbs., 60-lbs.)

    “Libby”: 22:50
    Lily S.: (10-lbs.)
    Bill G.: (sub: step-up, 24″)

    “Satrick”: 26:02
    Seth B.: Rx
    Patrick J.: (sub: step-up, 24″)


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