Thursday, January 2, 2020

Thursday, January 2, 2020

five rounds for time:
35x double under
7x strict handstand pushup
5x hang power clean and jerk @ 185/135-lbs.

workout courtesy of crossfit linchpin

Today’s Common Scaling Options:
+Double under: 40″ time limit, single under, bike
+Handstand pushup: reduce reps, partial range-of-motion, atomic pushup
+Hang power clean and jerk: reduce load, clean only, jerk only

(Your coach will talk to you about additional scaling options not already listed)

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  1. MPH | January 3, 2020 at 3:18 pm

    Aaron B.: 12:20 (95-lbs.; sub: bike 10-cal, atomic pushup)
    Anna G.: 12:04 (80 dus, 65-lbs.; sub: 40″ du attempt, knee atomic pushup)
    Walt C.: 16:35 (105-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Alex D.: 14:40 (75-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Anu B.: 14:05 (95-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup)
    Sarah D.: 14:22 (55-lbs.; sub: 40″ du attempt, knee atomic pushup)
    Ben E.: 14:18 (75-lbs.; sub: knee atomic pushup)
    Chase H.: 17:11 (135-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Kate G.: 13:58 (80-lbs; sub: prom hspu)
    Melody F.: 15:57 (115-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Jason O.: 19:24 (4 rounds)
    Chris C.: 13:29 (95-lbs.)
    Andrew Z.: 15:35 (155-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Dave R.: 20:55
    Diana D.: 19:00 (50-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup)
    Sean Q.: 13:43 (165-bs.)
    Chris H.: 13:23
    Francisco L.: 14:23 (135-lbs.; sub: deadlift + hpc, 2x pushup)
    Greg M.: 16:20, 80 du (85-lbs.)
    Alli P.: 12:47 (80-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Morgan M.: 12:55 (135-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Ross B.: 14:37 (115-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Miranda B.: 15:21 (75-lbs.; sub: 40″ max cal bike, prom hspu)
    Gabriel F.: 15:36, 170 du (110-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Nathan R.: 15:10, 36 du (65-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup; 4 rounds)
    Luke B.: 18:07 (95-lbs.)
    Rich H.: 16:30, 50 du(155-lbs.)
    Joe T.: 17:37 (135-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Yao Z.: 17:02(115-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup)
    Tom G.: 15:24 (55-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup, bike)
    John N.: 18:15, 108 du (115-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup)
    Aaron S.: 16:16, 50 du (75-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup)
    Tara C.: 16:56 (85-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Lily S.: 16:03, 55 du (75-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup)
    Drew P.: 13:42 (165-lbs.)
    Ralph B.: 15:26, 96 du (135-lbs.)
    Terry A.: 16:15 (55-lbs.; sub: 40″ max cal bike, atomic pushup)
    Lorelle E.: 15:38, 17 du (65-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Katie G.: 15:16, 50 du (75-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup)
    David B.: 15:04 (105-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Seth C.: 14:34, 48 (105-lbs.; sub: prom hspu)
    Collin S.: 12:21 (105-lbs.; sub: atomic pushup, alternating high jump su)


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