Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday, February 14, 2020

Bill’s Valentine’s Day Massacre
in teams of two, for time:
21x synchro burpee
42x clean and jerk @ 185/125-lbs.
14x synchro burpee
42x toes-to-bar
14x synchro burpee
42x power snatch @ 135/95-lbs.
14x synchro burpee
42x box jump, 30″ platform
14x synchro burpee
42x thruster @ 95/65-lbs.
21x synchro burpee

Today’s Common Scaling Options:
+Synchro burpee: reduce reps, no pushup, burpee, pushup, sit-up
+Clean and jerk: reduce load, power and/or hang positions, clean or jerk only, use dumbbells
+Toes-to-bar: reduce reps, toes-to-anywhere, strict hanging knee raise, sit-up variation
>+Power snatch: reduce reps, hang position, single-arm, clean variation
+Box jump: lower height, reduce reps, step-up
+Thruster: reduce weight, squat or press only, use dumbbells

(Your coach will talk to you about additional scaling options not already listed)

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  1. MPH | February 15, 2020 at 2:23 pm

    “Al’s Armpits”: 25:26
    Borja G.: (105/95/75-lbs.)
    Aaron B.: (85/75/65-lbs., 24″)
    Matt H.: (95/85/75-lbs.)

    “The Dead Inside Duo”: 31:45
    Zach D.: (135/115/95-lbs.)
    Al C.: (135/115/95-lbs.)

    “SAD Team”: 26:37
    Adrian P.: (95/85/75-lbs., 24″; sub: 18 + 10 burpee)
    Will H.: (125/115/95-lbs., 24″; sub: deadlift, power clean, strict bodyrow, back squat)

    “Ben Cars”: 26:38
    Rich H.: (135/115/95-lbs.; sub: push jerk for ps, hkr)
    Jason S.: (75/85/95-lbs., 24″)

    “Barrebells”: 29:30
    Zach G.: (65/45/45-lbs., 24″; sub: 18 + 10 burpee, hkr)
    Ben E.: (85/45/45-lbs., 24″; sub: 18 + 10 burpee, hkr)
    Sarah D.; (55/35/35-lbs. 24″; sub: 18 + 10 burpee, hkr)

    Kate G.: 15:41 (75/65/55-lbs., 24″; sub: 1/2x, 18 + 10 burpee, tta)

    Diana G.: 10:12 (55-lb. dl, 8-lb. db sp, 20-lb. mb squat, 20″; sub: 7 + 5 burpee, 1/2x, 30x burpee)

    “Swole-y Trinity”: 24:26
    Dave R.:
    Joe T.: (135/105/75-lbs.)
    Andrew Z.: (145/105/75-lbs.)

    “Box Cutters”: 24:47
    Michael H.: (115/95/75-lbs.)
    Tarek S.: (75/75-lbs., 25-lb db, 24″; sub: ktc, power clean, step-up, sa db push press)

    “No Boys Allowed”: 21:30
    Anna Go.: (70/45/45-lbs., 24″; sub: 1/2x burpee, 1/2x sit-up, 14 burpee, tta, explosive step-up)
    Alli P.: (70/60/55-lbs., 24″)

    Ben H.: (105/75/75-lbs., 27″)
    Michael A.: (105/75/75-lbs., 27″)

    Beth K.: (65/45/45-lbs., 24″; sub: groiner, clean, pike-up, clean, step-up, fs)
    Lorelle E.: (65/45/45-lbs., 24″; sub: clean, ktc, clean, fs)
    Lily S.: (65/50/45-lbs., 24″; sub: ktc,

    Bill G.: (165/115/95-lbs.)
    J.D. : (165/115/95-lbs.)

    Daniel D.: (105/85/65-lbs., 27″; sub: ktc)
    Charlie K.: (35-lb. dbs; sub: db hang c&j, hang sa snatch, ttb, push press)

    Seth C.: (115/95/75-lbs., 27″)
    Josh M.: (115/95/75-lbs., 27″)

    Tara S.: (85/55/55-lbs.)
    Jin D.: (85/55/55-lbs.; sub: hkr)

    Sergio L.: (95/75/65-lbs., 27″; sub: hkr, 3/4x burpee, 30 box jump, 30 thruster)
    Alex S.: (95/75/65-lbs., 27″; sub: hkr, 3/4x burpee, 30 box jump, 30 thruster)


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