Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thursday, February 20, 2020

for time:
three rounds:
200m run
10x squat snatch @ 115/75-lbs.
+ three rounds:
100m farmer’s carry @ 50/35-lb. dumbbells
10x power snatch

Today’s Common Scaling Options:
+Run: reduce distance, row, jump rope variation
+Squat/power snatch: reduce weight, hang/power variation, clean variation
+Farmer’s carry: reduce weight, reduce distance

(Your coach will talk to you about additional scaling options not already listed)

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  1. MPH | February 22, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    Aaron B.: 14:39 (75-lbs.; sub: power snatch)
    Anna G.: 15:59 (60-lbs., 20-lb. dbs; sub: squat clean, power clean)
    Alex M.: 16:50 (95-lbs., 75-lbs., 45-lb. dbs; sub: power snatch, hang power snatch)
    Borja G: 17:53 (85-lbs.)
    Matt H.: 18:36 (75-lbs., 45-lb. dbs)
    Travis H.: 19:46 (45-lbs., 40-lb. dbs)
    Daniel H.: 20:16 (45-lbs., 45-lb. kbs)
    Al C.: 21:42 (100-lbs.; sub: 2 rounds, couplet 2)
    Andrew Z.: 21:51 (100-lbs., 50-lb. dbs/35-lb. dbs)
    Sarah D.: 17:29 (40-lbs., 20-lb. dbs; sub: power snatch)
    Chase D.: 18:16 (85-lbs.)
    John Sa.: 19:35 (50-lbs., 35-lb. dbs; sub: power snatch)
    Ben H.: 20:44 (60-lbs., 40-lb. dbs)
    Michael Fo.: 14:59 (55-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: power snatch)
    Ralph B.: 16:06 (75-lbs., 45-lb. dbs; sub: power snatch)
    Zach G.: 17:22 (45-lbs., 25-lb. dbs; sub: hang squat snatch)
    Rich H.: 17:12 (115-lb. cln, 95-lb. ps; sub: squat clean)
    Drew P.: 18:31
    Will A.: 18:10 (45-lbs., 25-lb. dbs; sub: 10-cal bike)
    Stephanie: 18:02 (60-lbs.)
    John N.: 19:27 (55-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: power snatch)
    Vivek C.: 20:38 (45-lbs., 25-lb. dbs; sub: power snatch)
    Sean Q.: 20:52 (105-lbs.)
    Sean G.: 21:36 (95-lbs.)
    Simon B.: 17:56 (30-lb. db, 30-lb. dbs; sub: sa power snatch)
    James W.: 21:34 (55-lbs., 35-lb. dbs; sub: 2 rounds, couplet 2)
    Ben E.: 21:36 (55-lbs., 35-lb. dbs; sub: power snatch)
    Henry T.: 21:42 (55-lbs., 35-lb. dbs)
    Melody F.: 21:52
    Anna Go.: 19:01 (55-lbs.; sub: squat clean, power clean)
    Francisco L.: 20:07 (105-lbs.; sub: squat clean, power clean)
    John S.: 20:41 (80-lbs., 100-lbs.; sub: 5 ps last 2 rds)
    Tarek K.: 17:30 (75-lbs., 90-lbs.; sub: squat clean, 55-lb. ps)
    Julian M.: 16:20 (90-lbs., sub: 20 pushup for squat snatch, 25 squat for ps)
    Rafa C.: 20:03 (65-lbs., 90-lbs.)
    Bill G.: 20:00 (95-lbs., 106-lbs.)
    Charlie K.: 16:57 (55-lbs., 90-lbs.)
    Michael A.: 20:21 (75-lbs., 70-lbs.)
    RJ A.: 20:57 (55-lbs., 90-lbs.; sub: 5 ps final rd)
    Terry A.: 17:40 (pvc, 35-lbs., 25-lbs.; sub: 3/5x snatch, 3/5x power snatch)
    Lily S.: 18:24 (45-lbs.)
    Joe T.: 19:03 (65-lbs. snatch, 95-lbs. ps)


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