Saturday, May 2, 2020

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  1. MPH | May 3, 2020 at 9:49 am

    –MPH Outside The Box Scores–
    Victor P.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Wil H.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Borja G.: ub (75 du)
    Alli P.: ub (75 du)
    Nathan A.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Adrian P.: ub (40 du)
    Seth B.: 2 breaks (jumping jacks)
    David C.: ub (30 glute bridge + 20 superman)
    Charlie K.: 7 breaks (jumping jacks)
    Michael H.: 5 breaks (30-lbs.; 25 sa snatch/30 glute bridge + 20 superman, alt rounds)
    Seth C.: ub (run)
    Tom G.: 3 breaks (run)
    Luke B.: ub (run)
    Ben E.: ub (run, strict/kipping)
    Amy S.: 2 breaks (jumping jacks)
    Courtney H.: ub (run)
    Avery H.: ub (run)
    Alex H.: 4 breaks (run)
    Bill M.: ub (30 glute bridge + 20 superman)
    Sean F.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Patrick J.: ub (run)
    Francisco L.: 3 breaks (50 du)
    Lisa C.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Mark Co.: ub (jumping jacks, sit-up)
    Sergio L.: 7 breaks (jumping jacks)
    John N.: 8 breaks (jumping jacks)
    Peter Mc.: 16:19 (run)
    Michael Fo.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Kate G.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Natasha Z.: 3 breaks (plank/knee plank, jumping jacks)
    Christy L.: ub (jumping jacks, sit-up)
    Matt R.: 1 break (run)
    Ross B.: 1 break (run)
    Yao Z.: 8 breaks (jumping jacks)
    Lily S.: ub (run)
    John S.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Alex S.: 4 breaks (jumping jacks, sit-up)
    Chris P.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Katie G.: ub (jumping jacks)
    Joe T.: ub (50 du)
    Nicholas T.: 2 breaks (jumping jacks)
    Anna G.: ub (run)
    Tara C.: ub (50 du)
    Chris C.: ub (50 du)


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