Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Quarantine Nicole
as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
400m run –or– (45x jumping jack + 45x lateral hop + 45x high knees) –or– 80x double under
2 sets of max unbroken strict pull-up, resting exactly 30 seconds between sets –or–
max single-arm sheet row, right + max single-arm sheet row, left (stop at 15 each arm)

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  1. MPH | June 3, 2020 at 1:17 pm

    –MPH Outside The Box Scores–
    Borja G.: 52 (double under, strict pull-up)
    Damund W.: 20 (run., strict pull-up)
    Walt C.: 191 (run, single-arm row)
    Brandy F.: 36 (cardio complex, 25 reps each; row)
    Anna G.: 180 (run, single-arm bodyrow)
    Tom G.: 55 (run, single-arm bodyrow)
    Ben E.: 5 + 18 hk (cardio complex, 35-lb. bo row)
    Joe T.: 40 (strict ring pull-up, double under)
    Morgan W.: 35 (75 jumping jacks, banded strict)
    Alli P.: 38 (run, strict pull-up)
    Terry A.: 30 (run, sa sheet row)
    Bill M.: 194 (30 jj + 30 superman, sa sheet row)
    Nathan A.: 91 (cardio seq, sa sheet row)
    Will H.: 180 (cardio seq, sa sheet row)
    Mel F.: 24 strict, 29 kip (run, strict/kipping)
    Chris P.: 64 (run, strict pull-up)
    Sergio L.: 140 (cardio seq, 30-lb. bo row)
    Sarah D.: 44 jump + superman/gb (run, jumping pull-up)
    Amy D.: 100 gb, 110 superman (run+, 30 superman + 20 glute bridge)
    Jerry I.: 116 (cardio seq, jumping pull-up)
    Francisco L.: 53 (run, strict pull-up)
    Zac E.: 150 (run, sa sheet row)
    Lily S.: 150 (run, 20-lb. sa bo row)
    John N.: 128 (cardio seq, sa sheet row)
    Michael F.: 182 (cardio seq, sa sheet row)
    Ben H.: 68 (run, sheet row)
    Adrian P.: 28 (50 du, strict pull-up)
    Victor P.: 20 (40 du, strict pull-up)
    Seth B.: 4 + 100m (run, 20 banded row/30 superman, alt rounds)
    Matt R.: 54 (cardio seq, strict pull-up)
    Sean G.: 77 (cardio seq, strict pull-up)
    John Sa.: 42 (cardio seq, strict pull-up)
    Candida M.: 9 + 6 jumping jack (cardio sequence, max two-arm sheet row)
    Greg JM.: 68 (cardio sequence, strict pull-up)
    Chris C.: 41 (double under, strict ring pull-up)
    Tara C.: 35 (double under, strict ring pull up)
    Jon H.: 37 (40 single-leg glute bridge, close-grip strict pull up)
    Amy S.: 38 (run, strict pull-up)


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