Friday, July 24, 2020

CrossFit MPH – WOD


--MPH Inside The Box Scores--
Daniel H.: 10:26 (205-lbs.*; atomic from box)
Travis H.: 9:12 (185-lbs.*; atomic from box)
Rami B.: 10:01 (185-lbs.; 2/3x atomic from box)
Borja G.: 8:45 (2x cross body pike-up, atomic from box)
Andy G.: 11:19 (225-lbs.; atomic from box)
John K.: 8:43 (165-lbs.; 2/3x dl, 2/3x atomic from box)
Aaron B.: 6:59 (205-lbs.; atomic from box)
Julia H.: 8:15 (105-lbs.; atomic from box)
Jason O.: 12:51 (255-lbs.; 2/3x strict hspu)
Zac E.: 7:40 (125-lbs.; 2/3x atomic from box)
Ross B.: 7:32 (225-lbs.; atomic from box)
Walt C.: 8:27 (175-lbs.; 1/2x prom hspu)
Will H.: 9:20 (155-lbs.; 2/3x atomic from box)
Aron S.: 10:18 (145-lbs.; 2/3x atomic from box)
David C.: (175-lbs.; 2/3x hspu)
Chase H.: 9:08 (205-lbs.; 2/3x hspu)
Drew P.: 5:45 (185-lbs.)
David B.: 7:25 (175-lbs.; 2/3x atomic from box)
Rich H.: 7:50 (225-lbs.)
Morgan M.: 6:21 (255-lbs.; 2/3x prom hspu)
Sean Q.: 5:58 (255-lbs.)
Kai K.: 7:12 (155-lbs.; 2/3x atomic from box)
Dave R.: 9:50 (235-lbs.; 2/3x prom hspu)
Peter Mc.: 6:20 (225-lbs.)
Rafa C.: 6:41 (155-lbs.; 2/3x atomic from box)
Bill G.: 8:27 (255-lbs.; 2/3 hspu)
Lily S.: 7:37 (125; 15/15/9 atomic from floor)
Andrew B.: 6:13 (135-lbs.; 2/3 atomic from box)
Collin So.: 5:42 (185-lbs.; 2/3 atomic from box)
Matthew R.: 5:54 (185-lbs.; 2/3 atomic from box)
Adriana B.: 5:57 (105-lbs; 2/3 partial hspu)
Justin M.: 7:27 (185-lbs; 2/3 atomic from box)
Seth C.: 7:30 (225-lbs; 2/3 atomic from box)
Lorelle E.: 6:46 (95-lbs., 2/3 atomic from box)
Charlie S.: 6:36 (185-lbs., 2/3 hspu)

--MPH Outside The Box Scores--
Tom G.: 8:02 (50-lbs.; 32-22-14, knee atomic)
Bill M.: 6:46 (35-lbs.; 42-30-18, atomic)
Jenn F.: 7:26 (25-lb. dbs; pushup)
Candida M.: 9:57 (75-lbs. 14-10-6-6-6 prom hspu, 21-15-9-9-9)
Anna G.: 7:32 (15-lb. dbs; deadlift, w glute bridge, knee atomic)
Luke B.: 9:01 (45-lb. dbs; 32-22-14, atomic)
Mark D.: 7:15 (35-lbs,, 32-22-14 w lunge, atomic)
Adrian P.: 7:30 (155-lbs., atomic)
Joe T.: 10:03 (205-lbs.; prom strict hspu)
Lisa C.: 7:50 (15-lb. dbs; deadlift w, glute bridge, 32-22-14, seated shoulder press)
Kate G.: 10:27 (single-arm sheet row/side, strict hspu)
Jerry I.: 9:15 (squat jump, lunge jump, atomic)
John Sa.: 8:40 (30-lb. dbs; 32-22-14, atomic)
Yao Z.: 7:20 (20-lb. dbs; 42-30-18, atomic)
Nathan A.: 7:38 (17.5-lb. dbs; deadlift, w glute bridge, atomic/floor)
Tara C.: 7:33 (35-lb. kb; sl rdl, atomic)
Chris C.: 9:40 (45-lb. db; sl rdl, strict hspu)
Terry A.: 7:43 (15-lb. dbs; 42-30-18, atomic)
Kat: 7:14 (20-lb. kb; swing, w glute bridge, 1/3 atomic + 2/3x pushup/knee pushupp)
Spencer S.: 6:53 (tree stump; 32-22-14, atomic/pushup)
Elise C.: 7:48 (25-lb. dbs.; 42-30-18, floor atomic)
Alli P.: 4:10 (83-lbs.; 9-7-5 prom hspu)