Sunday, July 26, 2020

CrossFit MPH – WOD


—MPH Inside the Box Scores—
Andrew B.: 16:09 (14-lbs., knees to chest)
David B.: 18:20 (20-lbs., T2B)
Dave R.: 14:49 (20-lbs., T2B)
Lorelle E.: 19:20 (10-lbs., knees to chest)
Seth C.: 19:38 (20-lbs., T2B)
Collin C.: 18:45 (20-lbs., T2B)

—MPH Outside the Box Scores—
Seth B.: 17:31 (step up, sqaut, v-up)
11:56 (step up, squat, v-up)
James H.: 10:42 (30 knees to elbow, 30 squat, 30 step-up)
Nathan A.: 13:35 (weighted 35-lbs. step-up, v-up)
Yao Z.: 11:35 (tuck, squat and v-up)
Ross B.: 12:28 (step-up, squat, pike-up)
Lisa C.: 10:43 (tuck, squat, v-up)