Friday, October 2, 2020

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

Row as many meters as possible in 25 minutes, or 5000m, whichever comes first. At the top of every other minute, perform 7x burpee.


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Rami B: 3,302m
Terry A.: 2,025m
Daniel H.: 3,770m
Travis H.: 3,800m
Melody F.: 3,977m
Andy G.: 3,859m
Aaron B.: 4,410m
Adrian P.: 2,846m
Chase H.: 23:50
David C.: 3,472m
Sean F.: 4,638m
Kate G.: 3,918m
Charlie K.: 4,735m
Joe T.: 4,419m
Bryan M.: 4,469m
Andrew Z.: 4,668m
Bill G.: 3,780m
Stephen K.: 3,860m
Dave R.: 24:52.3
Chris C.: 4,014m
Tara C.: 3,802m
Matt R.: 3,763m
Justin M.: 4,949m
Pete T.: 3,970m
Tommy H.: 23:58
Kyle H.: 4,430m
Lily S.: 3,729m
Josh M.: 4,560m
Tarek K.: 7 + (25' amrap: 400m run + 10 burpee/20 squat)
Adrianna B.: 3,678 (no pushup burpee)
Collin C.: 24:50
Colin S.: 4,077
Chris P.: 3,668
Brent H.: 4,199
Jose R.: 3,801

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Seth B.: Seth B.: 5 rds + 2 deadlifts (35lb dbs)
Nathan A.: 6 +10 inchworm (inchworm + pushup)
Lisa C.: 5 + 14 deadlift (25-lb. dbs)
Bill M.: 7 + 9 deadlift (35-lbs.)
Kai K.: 6 + 9 inchworm (inchworm + pushup)