Wednesday, October 14, 2020

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

six rounds, every 90 seconds: 3x hang power snatch six rounds, every 90 seconds: 2x hang squat snatch six rounds, every 90 seconds 1x snatch


—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Lisa C.: 71, 86, 76 (25-lb. dbs power clean, 25-lb. db goblet squat, 25-lb. db sa power snatch)
Candida M.: 73 power cleans (45-lb bar); 88 goblet squats (15 lbs); 102 reverse lunges
Joe T.: 115 lbs PS; 75 lbs Hang Squat Snatch, 115 lbs snatch
Bryan M.: 9 rounds 3x hang power snatch: 75 lbs;
9 rounds 2x hang squat snatch: 75 lbs

—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Alex H.: 95-lbs., 85-lbs., 95*-lbs.
Daniel H.: 65-lbs., 75-lbs., 65-lbs.
Travis H.: 75-lbs., 85-lbs., 95*-lbs.
Rami B.: 95-lbs., 75-lbs., 85-lbs.
Nick M.: 75-lbs., 85-lbs., 95*-lbs.
Andy G.: 115/125-lbs., 125-lbs., 145-lbs.
Anu B.: 95-lbs., 95-lbs., 105-lbs.
Andrew Z.: 125-lbs., 135/140-lbs., 145/150-lbs.
Al C.: 95-lbs., 115-lbs., 135-lbs.
Aaron B.: 75-lbs., 75-lbs., 80-lbs.
Sean G.: 135/145-lbs., 145/155-lbs., 155-lbs.
Drew P.: 115-lbs., 115-lbs., 115-lbs.
Ben H.: 75-lbs., 65-lbs., 85-lbs.
Michael Fo.: 90-lbs., 100-lbs., 110-lbs.
Peter O.: 95-lbs., 95-lbs., 105*-lbs.
John N.: 75-lbs., 75-lbs., 75-lbs.
Katie G.: 55-lbs., 55-lbs., 55-lbs.
Morgan W.: 75-lbs., 85-lbs., 95-lbs.
Colin So.: 80-lbs., 95-lbs., 100-lbs.
Jason O.: 165-lbs., 185-lbs., 200-lbs.
Rafa C.: 85-lbs., 90-lbs., 100-lbs.,
Max R.: 105-lbs., 95-lbs. 105*-lbs.
Kate G.: 65-lbs., 60-lbs., 80*-lbs.
Tarek K.: 73-lbs., 63-lbs., 78-lbs.
Dave R.: 135-lbs., 155-lbs., 165-lbs.
Chris T.: 95-lbs., 90-lbs., 105-lbs.
Matt R.: 45-lbs., 35-lbs., 55-lbs.
Mel F.: 85-lbs., 115-lbs., 125-lbs.
Chris C.: 115-lbs., 115-lbs., 125-lbs.
Tara C.: 50-lbs., 50-lbs., 50-lbs.
Rich H.: 95-lbs., 105-lbs. 125-lbs.
Sean Q.: 115-lbs., 135-lbs. 185*-lbs.
Morgan M.: 165-lbs., 185-lbs., 225-lbs. (hang power clean, hang squat clean, clean)
Michail C.: 75-lbs., 65-lbs., 75*-lbs.
Josh M.: 105-lbs., 110-lbs., 140-lbs.
Amy S.: 80-lbs., 90-lbs., 100-lbs.
Bill G.: 115-lbs., 125-lbs., 145-lbs. (high hang power snatch, low hang power snatch, power snatch)
Jose R.: 65-lbs., 75-lbs., 93*-lbs.
Kyle H.: 65-lbs., 65-lbs., 75-lbs.
Justin M.: 100-lbs., 105-lbs., 115-lbs.
Amr M.: 75-lbs., 65-lbs., 75 -lbs.
Adrianna B.: 65-lbs., 55-lbs., 55-lbs.
Peter T.: 85-lbs., 75-lbs., 95-lbs.
Adrienne V.: 60-lbs., 60-lbs., 75-lbs.
Colin C.::105-lbs., 105-lbs., 135-lbs.
John Sa.: 55-lbs., 55-lbs., 55-lbs.
Brian F.: 75-lbs., 75-lbs., 75-lbs.
Dan N.: 35-lbs., 35-lbs., 35*-lbs.
Diana G.: 50-lbs., 60-lbs., 65-lbs. (clean variations)
Lily S.: 65-lbs., 65-lbs., 65-lbs. (shoulder press 3-3-3)