Friday, October 23, 2020

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

eight three-minute rounds, switching partner one and two roles each round: partner 1: 450m run partner 2: 1 minute max back squat @ 165/115-lbs. + 1 minute of max Russian swing @ 70/55-lbs. + 1 minute rest *The score is the partner team's total back squat and swing number, accumulated from all six rounds.


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Alex H.: 125/50-lbs. (american swing)
Rami B.: 115/44-lbs. (american swing)
Score: 283

Daniel H.: 125/53-lbs. (american swing)
Travis H.: 115/44-lbs. (american swing)
Score: 262

Al C.: 165/70-lbs.
Aaron B.: 135/70-lbs.
Score: 263

Andy G.: 165/53-lbs.
Anna G.: 70/26-lbs.
Score: 353

Andrew Z.: 165/50-lbs.
Chris Ca.: 95/25-lbs.
Score: 272

Nick Mc.: 115 rds 1-2, 95 rds 3-4/44-lbs.
Zach E.: 115 rds 1-2, 95 rds 3-4/35-lbs.
Score: 333

Sean F.: 165/70-lbs.
Chase H.: 145/55-lbs.
Score: 308

Will O.: 135/45-lbs.
Walt C.: 135/55-lbs.
Score = 327

Michael Fo.: 125/45-lbs.
John N.: 95/35-lbs.
Aron S.: 95/35-lbs.
Score = 385

Jason O.: 165/70-lbs.
Adrian M.: 115/35-lbs.
Score = 264

Dave R.: 165/70-lbs.
Julia H.: 75/35-lbs.
Score = 327

Andrew B.: 85/35-lbs.
Tarek K.: 85/50-lbs.
Score = 250

Kate G.: 115/35-lbs.
Amr B.: 85/35-lbs.
Chris P.: 135/55-lbs. (sub: air squat/plank final rd)
Score = 399

Morgan M.: 165/70-lbs.
Max R.: 165/70-lbs.
Score = 329

Tara C.: 95/45-lbs.
Chris C.: 135/70-lbs.
Score = 362

Matt R.: 115/35-lbs.
Matt M.: 165/55-lbs.
Score = 320

Caroline E.: 33-lbs./25-lbs.
Josh M.: 135/55-lbs.
Score = 275

Sean Q.: 165/70-lbs.
Rich H.: 165/70-lbs.
Score = 308

Melody F.: 115/55-lbs.
Zach D.: 135/70-lbs.
Score = 329

Mohammad K.: 65/35-lbs.
Sean G.: 165/55-lbs.
Score = 341

Yao Z.: 95/35-lbs.
Peter T.: 115/55-lbs.
Score = 323

Tommy H.: 165/70-lbs.
Justin M.: 125/35-lbs.
Score = 414

Kyle H.: 135/55-lbs.
Nathan A.: 75/25-lbs.
Score = 321

Brent H.: 115/55-lbs.
Jose R.:145(2 rds) 135(2 rds)/55(2 rds) 35(2 rds)-lbs.
Score = 292

Lily S.: 25/44-lbs. (DB squat w/ DBs on Shoulders/500m Row)
Adrienne V.: 85/35-lbs. (500m Row)
Elise G.: 95(1 rd) 85(3 rds)/44-lbs.
Score = 436

Bill G.: 45/185-lbs. (DB push press/ Deadlift/ Bike 2 min.)
Seth C.: 125/70-lbs.
Score = 283

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Lisa C.: (25-lb. dbs, 25-lbs, american swing)
Diana G.: (20-lb. dbs, 20-lbs., american swing)
Score: 368