Sunday, March 28, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

two rounds for time: 20x explosive pushup 400m run 30x pushup 800m run


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Sean F.:15:57 (45-lb. plate)
Borja G.: 16:33 (15-lb. plate)
Yao Z.: 19:11 (45-lb. plate)
David C.: 17:57 (45-lb. plate; row)
Walt C.: 18:25 (45-lb. plate)
Luke B.: 17:34 (45-lb. plate)
Seth B.: 22:51(45-lb. plate)
Morgan W.: 20:10 (step-up)
Terry A.: 20:24 (strict sit-up, knee pushup)
Bill G.: 17:25 (45-lb. plate; bike)
Jason S.:16:14 (45-lb. plate)
Jarrod F.: 15:25 (45-lb. plate)
Travis H.:16:39 (45-lb. plate)
Daniel H.: 16:34 (45-lb. plate)
Matt S.: 17:14 (2/3 pushup; 45-lb. plate)
Andrew W.: 15:49 (35-lb. plate)
Charlie S.: 14:58 (45-lb. plate)
Patrick J.: 19:29 (45-lb. plate)
Al C.: 18:45 (45-lb. plate)

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Joe T.: In gym @ home:. 13:15 (treadmill)