Monday, May 10, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

15 rounds for time: 1x clean and jerk @ 185/125-lbs. 4x single-leg squat (alternating, total)


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Chase H.: 7:19 (135-lbs.,banded sls)
Anna G.: 6:16 (65-lbs., vertical support sls)
Borja G.: 6:02 (125-lbs.)
Brittany C.: 6:49 (55-lbs., air squat)
Anu B.: 6:50 (105-lbs, to target)
Andrew Z.: 8:56 (165-lbs., plate assisted)
Luke B.: 7:26 (105-lbs., banded)
Amy S.: 8:38 (105-lbs., banded)
Roberto E.: 6:48 (125-lbs., supported)
Andy G.: 6:42 (165-lbs., banded)
Nick Mc.: 7:32 (115-lbs., banded)
Ken G.: 6:35 (125-lbs.)
Will B.: 8:33 (75-95-lbs., supported)
Zach E.: 7:22 (105-lbs., supported)
Jerry I.: 8:54 (115-lbs., plate assisted)
Jenna B.: 9:15 (65-lbs.)
Zach G.: 7:03 (95-lbs., banded)
Walt C.: 8:31 (125-lbs., banded)
Jason S.: 7:36 (125-lbs., banded)
Morgan M.: 7:37 (185-lbs., banded)
Diana G.: 8:34 (35-lbs., 2x clean, supported)
Peter O.: 6:50 (125-lbs., banded)
Bobby H.: 8:07 (95-lbs., banded)
Ben H.: 6:08 (115-lbs., banded)
Thomas R.: 7:26 (125-lbs., banded)
Al C.: 9:39 (165-lbs.)
Michael H.: 4:36 (135-lbs.)
Kate G.: 7:31 (115-lbs./105-lbs.)
Robert C.: 8:49 (105-lbs., plate-assist)
Josh M.: 8:38 (125-lbs., banded)
Matt R.: 6:52 (105-lbs., banded)
Greg M.: 8:11 (95-lbs., supported)
Matt A.: 7:07 (63/68-lbs., lunge)
Drew P.: 5:10 (155-lbs.)
Ralph B.: 7:43 (145-lbs., banded)
Grant J.: 7:08 (95-lbs., hpc + jerk, 8 reverse lunge)
Jen M.: 5:30 (35-lbs., squat, 10 rds)
Yao Z.: 6:47 (135-lbs., 2 deadlift, banded)
Sam R.: 6:21 (135-lbs.)
Brent H.: 7:50 (115-lbs., banded)
Nathan A.: 8:18 (105-lbs., banded)
Tucker H.: 8:07 (145-lbs., banded)
Tara S.: 9:30 (105-lbs.)
Max R.: 5:24 (165-lbs., ring-support)
Julia H.: 9:01 (95-lbs., banded)
John J.: 5:32 (115-lbs., pole-support)
Sean G.: 5:02 (185-lbs.)
Sean Q.: 4:32 (185-lbs.)
Jose R.: 8:07 (125-lbs., banded)
Charlie S.: 6:49 (135-lbs.)
Chris C.: 5:13 (185-lbs.)
Rich Hu: 6:16 (175-lbs., banded)
Mike L.: 7:24 (125-lbs., banded)
Mel F.: 8:54 (125-lbs.)
Rich H.: 8:55 (185-lbs.)
Justin M: 11:22 (125-lbs., plate assist)
Tommy H.: 10:28 (185-lbs.)
Kyle H.: 9:00 (155-lbs., banded)
Peter T.: 9:39 (145/125-lbs., banded)
Charlie S.: 5:27 (135-lbs.)
Keith R.: 9:08 (95-lbs., banded)
Will H.: 7:45 (50-lbs. dbs, banded)
Rafa C.: 9:27 (125-lbs., banded)
Michael F.: 9:14 (165-lbs., banded)
John Sa.: 8:35 (135-lbs.)
Brian: 12:29 (125-lbs., banded)
Daniel N.: 11:50 (115-lbs, banded, push press)
John N.: 8:23 (135-lbs., banded)
Bill G.: 13:04 (50-lbs. db) (sub: 2x single arm clean + shoulder press, 8x med ball glute bridge)

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Lisa C.: 7:18
B(25-lb. dbs)
Bill M.: 8:40 (30-lb. dbs)

Tom G.: 10:00 (15-lb. dbs)

Ross B.: 10:00 (45-lb. db, weighted reverse lunge)