Friday, May 14, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

in teams of two, for time: 1000m row (switching partners every 250m) 50x synchro burpee 50x single-arm dumbbell overhead lunge @ 45/30-lbs. 35x synchro burpee 35x dumbbell overhead lunge 20x synchro burpee 20x dumbbell overhead lunge 1000m row (switch every 250m)


—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Candida M.: 14:29 (20 lbs overhead lunges)
Bill M.: 14:40
(2/3 burpee, 20-lbs.)
Cristian D.: 15:16 (2/3 burpee, bw lunge)
Lisa C.: 15:25
(2/3 burpee, 15-lbs.)
Diana D.: 16:33 (1/2 burpee, bw lunge)

—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
"The Bumble Bees": 24:03
Travis H.: (35-lbs.)
Borja G.: (45-lbs.)
Dan H.: (40-lbs.)

"Survival": 22:18
Anna G.: (15-lbs., 1/2 burpee)
Brittany C.: (20-lbs., front rack lunge, 1/2 box jump)

"Team Eh" 27:15
Edgar J.: (30-lbs., 35/20/10 burpee
Will B.: (20-lbs)

"Chili": 26:30
Yao Z.: (30-lbs., shoulder rack lunge, db burpee)
Roberto L.: (30-lbs.)

"To the Moon": 27:47
Ken G.: (35-lbs.)
Jerry I.: (25-lbs.)
Adrian P.: (15-lbs., 35/20/10)

"Jenal": 26:56
Jenna B.: (15-lbs.)
Al C.: (45-lbs.)

"But First, Chalk": 22:54
Thomas R.: (45-lbs. db front squat)
Chris C.: (45-lbs.)

"Synchro": 23:11
Jason S.: (25-lbs. shoulder rack lunge)
Morgan W.: (150m row, 35 box jumps, 35-lbs. shoulder rack lunge)

"Blue Devils": 23:30
Charlie S.: (40-lbs.)
Ben H.: (35-lbs.)

"Throttle Thrupple": 23:50
John J.: (35-lbs.)
Tarek K.: (35-20-10 burpee, squat)
Kate G.: (30-lbs.)

"Peach Cobbler": 19:51
Dave R.: (45-lbs.)
Morgan M.: (45-lbs.)

"Masked Bandits": 24:45
Josh M.: (40-lbs.)
Chris P.: (25-lbs.)

"Big Dogs": 22:11
Mike H.: (40-lbs.)
Zach D.: (45-lbs.)

"The Double Ds": 22:54
Jen M.: (25/15/10 No-Pushup Burpee & Front-Rack Lunge @ 8-lbs.)
Damund: (25/15/10 Burpee/No-Pushup Burpee & Front-Rack Lunge @ 15-lbs.)

"Team Concept": 27:44
Nathan A.: (25-lbs. Front-Rack Lunge
Julia H.: (25-lbs.)

"Un- T- Aim'ed": 23:44
Amy S.: 30-lbs.
Tara S.: 30-lbs.

"Three Musketeers": 26:16
Diana G.: 20-lbs. (sit-up, front rack lunge)
Keith E.: 25-lbs.
Matt R.: 30-lbs.

Team LOVE: 25:23
Michael L.: 35-lbs.
Melody F.: 30-lbs.

"Two-in-a-Row", 21:49
Tommy H.: 45-lbs.
Justin M.: 30-lbs.

BP: 25:40
Bill G.: 45-lbs. (35-25-15 step-in burpee, single arm db snatch)
Patrick T.: 35-lbs. (35-25-15 burpees)

"Bigger Dogs": 24:10
Kyle H.: 45-lbs.
Marshall M.: 45-lbs.