Monday, May 17, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

shoulder press

Begin each round every two minutes.

push press

Begin each round every two minutes.


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Chase H.: 120, 125x, 145-lbs., 150*-lbs.x
Anna G.: 65-lbs., 85-lbs.
Al C.: 125-lbs., 175-lbs.
Kinjal P.: 45*-lbs.; 60lbs.
Anu B.: 70-lbs., 95-lbs.
Borja G.: 100-lbs., 115-lbs.
Carlos U.: 90-lbs., 115*-lbs.
Dan H.:105-lbs., 125-lbs.
Travis H.: 105-lbs., 125-lbs.
Will B.: 95-lbs., 115-lbs.
Sarah G.: 30-lbs., 40-lbs.*
Amy : 80-lbs., 85-lbs.x, 120-lbs.
Andy G.: 140-lbs., 185-lbs.
Ken G.: 115-lbs., 135-lbs.*
Jenna B.: 65-lbs.*, 80-lbs.*
Roberto E.: 110-lbs.*, 130-lbs.*
Luke B.: 85-lbs., 120-lbs.
Zach E.: 95-lbs., 145-lbs.*
Jerry I.: 105-lbs., 145-lbs.
Bobby H. 85*-lbs., 105*-lbs.
John N.: 90-lbs., 115-lbs.
Walt C.: 110-lbs., 140-lbs.
Thomas R.: 115-lbs., 145*-lbs.
Matt S.: 80*-lbs., 105*-lbs.
David C.: 85-lbs., 110-lbs.
Ben H. 105-lbs., 135*-lbs.
Jason S.: 95-lbs., 135-lbs.
Diana G.: 85-lbs. deadlift, 85-lbs. front squat
Morgan W.: 65-lbs., 85-lbs. 6x back rack lunge
Michael Fo.: 115-lbs., 145-lbs.
Zach G.: 70-lbs., 70*-lbs.
Jamaal T.: 75-lbs., 75-lbs.
John J.: 100-lbs., 125*-lbs.
Andrew B.: 95-lbs., 110-lbs.
Dave R.: 115-lbs., 170-,bs.
Matt A.: 68*-lbs., 88*-lbs.
Kate G.: 85-lbs., 115-lbs.
Bill M.: 85-lbs., 80-lbs.
Michael H.: 100-lbs., 125-lbs.
Matt R.: 80-lbs., 105-lbs.
Tarek K.: 110-lbs., 135-lbs.
Sean G.: 100-lbs.. 185-lbs.
Ross B.: 140-lbs., 170-lbs.
Sam R.: 130*-lbs., 165-lbs.
Chris P.: 115-lbs., 135-lbs. (5-5-5-5-5 push press)
Charlie K.: 95-lbs., 135-lbs.
Josh M.: 80-lbs., 120-lbs.
Jen M.: 35*-lbs., 45-lbs.
Nathan A.: 75-lbs., 95-lbs.
Julian M.: 95-lbs., 125-lbs.
Patrick T.: 95*-lbs., 145*-lbs.
Sean Q.: 140-lbs., 205*-lbs.
Keith E.: 110*-lbs., 130*-lbs.
Chris C.: 125-lbs., 175-lbs.
Tara S.: 70-lbs. 95-lbs.
Drew P.: 125-lbs., 175-lbs.
Rich H.: 135-lbs., 190*-lbs.
Yao Z.: 40-lb. db (sa db sp), 50-lb. db
Ralph B.: 105-lbs., 145-lbs.
Julia H.: 60-lbs., 90*-lbs.
Justin M.: 110*-lbs., 135*-lbs.
Tommy H.: 140-lbs., 185*-lbs.
Marshal M.: 155*-lbs., 210*-lbs.
Max R.: 135-lbs., 175*-lbs.
Tucker H.:115-lbs., 155*-lbs.
Mike L.: 100-lbs., 135*-lbs.
Richard H.: 120*-lbs., 165*-lbs.
Melody F.: 70-lbs., 105-lbs.
Charlie S.: 110*-lbs., 140*-lbs.
Frank H.: 75-lbs., 85-lbs.
Seth B.: 135-lbs., 175-lbs.
Adrienne V.: 65-lbs., 85-lbs.
Adriana B.: 60-lbs., 70-lbs.
Peter T.: 105-lbs., 130-lbs.
Nate S.: 95-lbs., 115-lbs.
Phillip M.: 50-lbs., 65-lbs.
Michael B.: 75-lbs., 85-lbs.
Patrick J.: 110-lbs., 145-lbs.
Amr M.: 95-lbs., 105-lbs.
John Sa.: 90-lbs., 115-lbs.

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Candida M.: shoulder press: 45-55-55-55-50 lbs; push press: 55-65-65-65-55 lbs
Joe T.: Joe T shoulder press 115-125x- 120; push press 150-155- 160
Bryan M.: Shoulder Press: 115-lbs; push press 125-lbs
Lisa C.: 25, 30, 23, 30, 23, 30, 22, 24
Cristian D.: 16, 12, 14, 10, 14, 10, 12, 8
Chris Ca.: 10, 30, 20 (10 knee pushup + max sit-up, 10 v-up + max bodyrow)