Monday, June 14, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

five rounds, beginning every three minutes: 1 hang power clean + 1 hang squat clean five rounds, beginning every two minutes: 10x front squat


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Anna G.: 85-lbs., 75-lbs.
Kinjal P.: 55-lbs., 45-lbs.
Carlos U.: 95-lbs., 105-lbs.
Nate S.: 135-lbs., 125-lbs.
Chase H.: 155-lbs.,130-lbs.
Jean F.: 20-lbs., 25-lbs.
Anu B.: 135-lbs., 95-lbs.
Nick M.: 145-lbs., 100-lbs.
Yao Z.: 140-lbs, 125-lbs.
Andy G.: 185-lbs., 165-lbs.
Al C.: 200-lbs., 135-lbs.
Adrian P.: 145-lbs., 115-lbs.
Zac E.: 135-lbs., 115-lbs.
Thomas : 135-lbs., 115-lbs.
Aaron S.: 105-lbs., 75-lbs.
Diana G.: 120-lbs. (5x deadlift), 65-lbs.
Ben H.: 155-lbs., 135-lbs.
Bill M.: 75-lbs., 95-lbs.
Jerry I.: 175-lbs., 145-lbs.
RJ A.: 105-lbs., 85-lbs.
Adrian M.: 130-lbs., 95-lbs.
Dave R.: 215-lbs., 155-lbs.
Keith E.: 135-lbs., 105-lbs.
Mike H.: 145-lbs., 125-lbs.
Will B.: 175-lbs., 135-lbs.
Kate G.: 120-lbs., 115-lbs.
Matt A.: 90-lbs., 65-lbs.
Daniel N.: 155-lbs., 115-lbs.
Brian F.: 125-lbs., 95-lbs.
Melody F.: 140-lbs., 105-lbs.
Tarek K: 155-lbs., 110-lbs.
Joe T.: 200-lbs., 185-lbs.
Nathan A.: 100-lbs.*, 75-lbs.
Robert C.: 150-lbs., 150-lbs.
Greg M.: 115-lbs., 85-lbs.
Jen M.: 45-lbs., 35-lbs.
Sean G. : 255-lbs., 175-lbs.
Roberto E.: 150-lbs., 125-lbs.
Jose R.: 145-lbs., 115-lbs.
Drew P.: 200-lbs., 155-lbs.
Sean Q.: 225-lbs., 155-lbs.
Tucker H.: 200-lbs., 155-lbs.
John J.: 160-lbs., 125-lbs.
Peter T.: 155-lbs., 135-lbs.
Zach D.: 25-lbs., 155-lbs.
Todd N.: 195-lbs., 155-lbs.
Justin M.: 155-lbs., 135-lbs
Tommy H.: 205-lbs., 155-lbs.
Max R.: 195-lbs.,135-lbs.
Mike L.: 160-lbs., 110-lbs.
Michael F.: 155-lbs., 115-lbs.
John N.: 145-lbs., 95-lbs.
Lilly S.: sub: 5 rounds: 150m row, 6 db front squat; 5 rounds: 10 db front squat
Tara S.: 115-lbs., 100lbs.
Charlie K.: 160-lbs., 115-lbs.
Chris C.: 195-lbs., 165-lbs.
Michael B.: 145-lbs., 125-lbs.
Patrick J.: 155-lbs., 155-lbs.
Seth B.: 145-lbs., 135-lbs.
Rich H.: 225-lbs., 165-lbs.
Rafa C.: 140-lbs., 130-lbs.
Philip M.: 75-lbs., 75-lbs.
Yamuna J.: 60-lbs., 65-lbs.

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—